As my mother threw me out of the house

Chapter 1 - prolog

The appearance of the girls:
Brown hair to the cheekbone of beer eyes at the age of 15 she was sleeping in the bed was 8:30
Since yesterday Was a holiday
Girl in bed asleep when the door opened and her mom started her wake up
-Stand up Carolina time for breakfast and then exercise, "said the woman with gray eyes and black hair
-Mom but there are holiday puts his hand on to darken the eyes from the light when mom opens the blinds
-This is not a reason not to practice and, moreover, so it is always forgotten? She said a woman named Clara
I had to be honest quite these continuous exercise and healthy food by the dozen or so years, and generally this healthy lifestyle
I no longer practice preferred to simply sit in front of television ba eat even greasy food which I never ate by a restrictive mother
-Mom I've had enough I said upset-I'd rather eat any greasy food and not healthy food and I would rather not practice just like watch tv
Her mom was looking at her shocked still with a smile
-Um mom ... I said I was worried about not understanding what's going on
Her mother's face suddenly contorted rage
-Pack your bags, "she said dryly and with rage
-Excuse me? I asked not knowing what its mean
-I said, Pack your bags! character with rage
-what why! I said with fear and not understanding what is happening
-I'm not going to hold you! you mean niewdzięcznica bitch
In my eyes appeared tears
-Mom sor ...
-Do not call me mom! She said a furious-you are no longer my daughter I'll leave you with my father!
-Mom I'm sorry I cried, thinking that this is a joke
-Shut up you little bitch, I will not be held here such a person like you! you are such as your ungrateful father! Pack your bags! and I call you to the thick pig!
I cried not then I got your mom who was very nice but very restrictive woman
I started to pack blundering by inserting mainly clothes and came to my mind that after all, my father left us when I was 4 years old
When I got myself into the future mom
-not receiving them now, probably the obrzydliwstwa of Kfc or other fast fooda
-I hope that you spakowałaś you disgusting ungrateful
-Mom I you very sor ... I begging and gagging to tears
-Do not call me mom!! character-you are no longer my daughter you are now the person I do not known give it! and deliver me from the hand of my bag
And I went with her to the car still blundering and apologizing
-Oh, shut up wydarła and get! because as soon as you throw! character
And I still popłakując fell asleep hoping that is a dream
4 and a half hours later
When we arrived at still I slept
Mom prodding strongly woke me
-Stand up you fucking ungruful
-Mom, please forgive me for what I said
Again, I started to cry
-Do not talk to me mom! he screamed and wyszarpnęła me through the car door so that fell to Earth
-Mom please I said with anguish and tears
And after a while, threw my stuff from the trunk
-I do not say to me mom! character it climbed into the car
weeping, I sat on the schodku to cry for the next two hours
-Karolina? I heard a puzzled voice
Stood there fat well, maybe not so terribly fat guy with the black hair green eyes and in the Navy
-Dad wrzasnęłam and it przytuliłam
-What are you doing here? why you're not in, we have
again, I started to cry
-M M m mom kicked me out of the House
By the moment of silent shocked
-SAY WHAT!? shouted surprised-why?!
-Because I already practice and I didn't already eat this healthy food and i'd rather eat greasy while watching TV
-Let's go home said clearly mad-as she could!
And then I remembered
-Mom said that we left I told
He looked shocked
-And this is one mean bitch! still says his own daughter!
-How is it? I asked shocked
-And so it is that she's just with you me too kicked for a similar reason!
Shocked me what he said dad and so mom had lied to me!
-J J as she could! just for the fact that we prefer something else! than she wants I told mad
-You are absolutely right said
For a few minutes there was silence
After a while, dad asked:
-You are can hungry?
In that moment I felt a terrible famine at the end of the morning nothing I ate
-Very much in the end of the morning's mouth had told
-Because you wanted to because I wanted pizza order
-And what it tastes like? I asked in the end never I ate pizza ba even had to stay away from her smell that ate the girls in my school
-As one of the najpyszniejszych things in the world he muttered a lackadaisical
-This is the order I said and added:
-I'll have pepperoni and I order 16 boxes
-If it's not too much I asked? surprised
-If you do not give advice I will have your eye winked at me
it amused-watch a television and I was ordering these 16 cartons
-And how do I use the remote control? I asked
-Well, yes he grunted in the end in that home tv you could not watch
Long to teach me not to have to and from 3 minutes
I knew what and how
I turned on the Cartoon Network and there was the amazing world of Gumbala so I started watching and forgetting that not long ago I was kicked out of the House
-Pizza will be 30 minutes said dad Words of father awakened me from watching and reminded me that I was wywalona with home
I began to quietly pochlipywać
I felt that something was me this includes dad that I hugged
-Calm my beautiful everything will be fine muttered it was very nice and let's be honest mom me never a big hug
-Thanks dad I said when I felt better, we ringtone
-Pizza came said dad with entuzjazmemJuż there was wearing a gray shirt and poplamioną and Hyperion grey trousers also stained
I felt even more hungry when he opened the first cardboard pizza and my nostrils flew this heavenly scent
-Bon Appetit said dad saying it took another package to leave the whole package for me! I took a triangle, and I've put in the mouth
The taste was just divine, actually I threw, and in this way, and the entire cardboard pizza was eaten in 3 minutes!
-Have enjoyed Someone said my dad feeling his voice surprise because I ate very quickly and the pride that I ate my first pizza you ate only 6 piece
-But it is divine! powiedziałamWzięłam the next carton
I felt that something was me this includes dad that I hugged
My father ate it already 4 carton and don't even look as if it was aching belly!
-I'll get the soda you want too?
-I'd like I said
When he came with two bottles I ate 6 slice of pizza and my stomach was aching to more
-Please, said
I started to drink and the taste was so good and I drank until the Middle so diminished pain in my belly for it I noticed that my stomach slightly increased
For my dad drank just 4 SIPs I felt that I still have some to eat
For this my father has slowed down by 6 box of pizza and already finishing up these boxes
When I got to 5 boxes and to the middle of my stomach began to hurt again so I drank the rest of the baking soda and my dad ended up 8th carton and started 9
I ate to mid-6 and my belly again very was aching, I noticed that was larger than previously, but just a little
-You may already have done? He asked dad ending 8 1 carton
-Still burp beknęłam and I covered with mouth czerwieniąc to
-Someone very tastes mumbled dad with a smile
With great pain I ate a portion of pizza from the last carton
My stomach was aching to me terribly for it too has grown since I last looked at it
-Thank you for this pizza beknęłam zaczerwieniłam and burp dad-I'm sorry I said
-I was surprised how much you zjadłaś said with a certain pride in his voice-Probably as I assume you are tired
The fact I felt tired of constant weeping and the fact that so much I ate food while she was only 18:23
-You put to my bed said
-You do not need to burp again beknęłam
-Excuse me czerwieniąc again and then I added-I can-But I said and he took me on the hands
-I will carry you said
Put me to the giant bed on two osobypocałował on the cheek and said:-
Good night my ails thee muttered and I fell asleep
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Theswordsman 5 years
Her mom was unbelievable im glad that she gets to live with such a nice dad