Aunt susie

Chapter 1

Aunt Susie


It all started after my mom and dad passed. I was 18 and had to move to California with my aunt Susie. I was an only child and my parents spoiled me and was used to getting what i wanted. Let me describe my self I'm 5'5 with brunette hair and a 175 pound body. I admit I'm a bit plump but as I said, my parents spoiled me and rarely said no when I would eat a box of cookies to myself or eat the last few slices of pie. Anything for there one and only little girl. My name is Violet by the way. My story begins at the airport where aunt Susie picks me up and gives me a big hug. She looks me over and smiles then takes my bag and we head home. Susie is a single lady, 40 years old, who never fell in love but always wanted a big family.

On the drive home my little tummy was rubbing from the flight and I saw my favorite fast food chain. “Oh! Aunt Susie i want McDonalds”, I blurted out.

“Well of course sweetie anything for you/”

Gosh she didn't even notice how rude I was. Same response as my parents, I was feeling at home already. We pulled up to the order window and rubbed my belly as I blurted out “ill have a number five super big combo with a frosty and an apple pie”. Aunt Susie didn't flinch and we pulled forward. She handed me my bag of goodies and I rather hastily grabbed it out of her hands and began stuffing the greasy treats in my mouth. Aunt Susie asked a few more questions as I talked in between bites and finished the rich frosty as we pulled up to her modest home. I walked in and left Susie to get my luggage as I usually did with my parents.

After that big meal my belly was popping out of my pink button down and straining against the buttons. After unpacking for me Susie gave me a tour of her home and as we walked into the kitchen she blurted out. “I don't know what you kids like to eat these days but Ive bought all the stuff i ate when I was your age”. As she finished her sentence she opened a huge pantry stocked full of every ho-ho and ding dong and sweet made. I rubbed my belly and let out a quite sigh. She then opened the fridge, it was loaded with cheeses deli meats and loads of cake and ice cream.

I instinctively grabbed at the cheesecake and then let go as i was embarrassed. Aunt Susie saw this and put her arm around me and said “sweetie you've been through a lot and I want you to know that if you want something to feel free to have it.” She then took out the milk and a plate which and she put a huge piece of the cheesecake on it and slid it to me and smiled. Just as I was about to dig in she said “wait!” I froze and looked at her. She said you cant eat cake without whipped cream as she put a huge dollop of cream on my cheese cake smiling. After eating the cake I knew I had to change into something more comfortable. I went into my room and looked at myself in front of the mirror. My Plump legs rubbed together and my pot belly was soft and smooth to the touch. I rubbed it for awhile then got dressed in a comfy pair of pink sweatpants and a sweatshirt that read princess.

Aunt Susie was cooking in the kitchen and it smelled great. I rubbed my belly and walked up to her. “smells great I said.”

“Oh I'm just cooking a little snack for you till dinner” she said and guided me over to a comfy soft couch where she propped my legs up and made me feel comfortable.

I sat on the couch with a bowl of freshly popped pop corn and and a cold soda in my hand watching TV. I felt very relaxed and loved. As I finished the buttery popcorn Aunt Susie came out with a huge plate of mini slider burgers and homemade french fries covered in cheese. I squealed and sat up as she put the TV tray over my belly and kissed me on the cheeck. “if you need anything at all violet just holler and ill get it for you.”

“ Thanks Susie I said with a mouthful of cheese fries. As I ate I felt my belly getting fuller and fuller and it actually touched the dinner tray when i was done with my "snack". I was out of pop and yelled, “aunt Susie i want more pop!” She ran in and smiled while she got a new cold liter out of the fridge. as she poured my drink I rubbed my full belly let out a belch and said, you know aunt Susie a girl could get used to this.
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Fantasyguy 6 years
Huh, why have these been bumped up? I remember them from ages ago - I love their content, but the execution is a bit lacking.
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Great story
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