Pull over

Chapter 1 - pull over

All You Can Eat
by PregnantStuffer

"Pull over now", screamed a heavily pregnant woman from the back of a bus. I slammed on the brakes and turned around to see what the problem was.
"What's the matter, are you alright ?", I asked.
Look a buffet, she announced to the whole bus. Many oohs and ahhs where said and I just sat back in my seat and shook my head. I am a 24-year-old buss driver and well, I just happen to be taking a buss full of extremely pregnant woman across the state for some baby expo/convention. It was amazing because these women were gorgeous! I have always been attracted to pregnant women even from a young age. Most of them were tall blondes and brunets with an amazing figure. Well at least I think it's amazing, most men don't find the pregnant body attractive.

Every now and then while we were driving a long haul to the next hotel I would catch one caressing her belly and that drove me wild. It's just that bulging belly, well, I cant explain it but man was I happy to be driving this bus. "Well do you ladies wanna go eat?", I asked already knowing the answer. They shrieked an excited and collective YES!! I pulled up next to the entrance and unloaded the herd. Twenty or 30 giant prego's waddled into the restaurant. As they passed my drivers seat I smelled their sweet perfume and closed my eyes and enjoyed the moment. I decided I would stay in the bus and watch through the window. I saw that the owner had a disgusted look on his face and knew he was in for some trouble. My favorite prego, Victoria, seemed to lead the pack, she was stunning 5'8 and my guess is about 250 pounds of full woman. She was a real thick chunky broad with a plump face and two beautiful chins outlined her face. Her massive belly was protruding from the white and pink polka-dot button-down maternity shirt.

Her long black hair cascaded over her ripe breasts. After a few minutes they put a few tables together and started their attack. My favorite was rubbing her gut and contemplating what she would devour. Man 'o man these women could eat I keep saying to myself. Victoria waited till most of the other goddesses sat down and then headed for her plate. She felt the smooth plate with her index finger and waddled over to the deep fried chicken. Piling drumstick on top of breast she knew the golden skin would be crunch and the flesh juicy. She eyed a fat, juicy piece of pork meat and snatched it up. She then headed over to the potatoes and stuffing's. Smelling the hot gravy made her enormous gut bubble with hunger. After a "few" more stops she sat down and began eating. She and the rest of the herd as I like to call then were consuming the food faster than I had ever seen them before. Most of there beautiful stomachs hit the table and the had to lean over to satisfy their seemingly never ending hunger. Victoria viciously swallowed her chicken and ate mountains of mashed potatoes with plentiful helpings of highly fattening gravy. She leaned back and loosened her diamond-plated belt to ease the pressure on her fat round belly.

Her massive stomach spurred outward and the buttons looked as if they would give at any moment. I loved the way she proudly caressed her growing belly as she ate. After the rest had finished their plates they were to bloated to get up. "Hey you", said a bloated Hispanic woman to an employee. "Could you be a sweetie and get me some food." Um, uh, the employee looked confused and then reluctantly said yes. He loaded her plate with chicken and greasy fries and then returned it to her. "MMMMMmm you really know what to get", she said. Ok, could there be anything sexier than a nine-month pregnant woman rubbing her enormous gut and stuffing food into her greedy mouth? A cute red headed progo snapped her fingers and motioned an employee to come to her. The employee walked up to the expectant mother and asked what she needed. " The ginger future mother looked up at the worker with food still on her mouth and pointed to her empty plate and smiled. The attendant told the red headed beauty that the buffet was self serve. It got quite at the table. The noisy mothers all stopped eating and looked at the attendant. Victoria slowly stood up with her hands now on her hips pushing her sloshed belly outward and said, "Excuse me?" That woman is heavily pregnant, get her food. NOW! The male attendant bowed his head in submission and hurried to the buffet to fill his demanding customers request. The mothers in the making then began stuffing their faces again.

After Victoria had finished her eighth plate she looked a little tired. Man would I love to rub her belly as she slept.

"On to desert" she said and some how she stood up bloated and dizzy form the foods aroma. Her thighs were huge and fat and the strech yoga pants could barley hold in her ass. As she slowly waddled over to the cakes and ice cream her panties where ripping. She didn't care, all she was thinking about was the custard filled delights. Now what I would give to have her lay her head in my lap and feed her sweets and watch her grow so big she couldn't move. Man if she could only be mine. Victoria got about three plates and filled them with rich chocolate ice cream cake, cookies and cherry pie and put just about every topping on it. As they say, there is always room for desert! She must have gained 3 pounds easily during this meal and it would go straight to her ballooning gut. Slowly spoon by spoonful she devoured the colossal mound of ice cream and sweets moaning in orgasmic pleasure. Last but not least a red marichino cherry sat at the botton of the ice cream bowl. Victoria saw it but felt she couldn't move an inch let alone lean forward to grab it! I knew this was my moment! I ran off the bus and walked into the buffet with a fairly brisk pace. Each step closer to my goddess of gluttony and motherhood. I reached over victorias shoulder and slowly grabbed the cherry. She looked up at me and I smiled back at her chocolate stained face and ever so softly slif the sweet red cherry past her lips and into her mouth it went she smiled and chewed it slowly, happy knowing she had gotten every last bite out of her meal. The herd rubbed their fat bellies and burped a little, then waddled back to the bus and sat down to let there new meal turn into fat. Victoria boarded last and smiled at me and I knew I made her day! The bus doors closed and away we went. I hope this isnt the last time I have the pleasure of driving pregnant women across the state, well who knows.

To be continued......

"All You Can Eat" is © its creator, PregnantStuffer.
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Pregnantstuf... 10 years
Pregnant horny with a belly full of food... you bet there will be some hot and HEAVY sex soon!
Pregnantstuf... 10 years
Great! Glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to chat with me on ya-h000