Im pregnant!!

chapter 1

Story contains : female domination, flatulence, burping, stuffing, greed, If you are sensitive this story is not for you.

Synopsis: Jealous girl ensnares would be boyfriend by trickery, gluttony and female domination ensue. Enjoy

I'm Pregnant / Varuca

```````````````````````````````` ```````````By: PregnantStuffer``````````````````````````````````` ```````````````````````

Verruca was a 23 year old receptionist that worked for a paper company in Seattle. She had long reddish hair was 5'6 and about 195 pounds. She had beautiful blue eyes and little freckles on her nose.

Her main interest in life was her dream man Nick who worked in the same office as Verruca She would pass by his cubicle and smile at him and he was starting to take notice of her. One day he walked up to her receptionist desk and caught her off guard and said

Hi. She blushed and replied

"Oh hello Nick, How are you"

"Fine Verruca" said Nick

"Are you busy tonight?"

"No" Verruca quickly replied!

"I would like to take you to dinner if that's cool?" said Nick.

"Of course pick me up at 7:00" Verruca said.

It was time For her date soon and Verruca had dressed in avery tight pink dress that showed her little belly and plump breasts. Nick Picked her up and they drove to a Italian restaurant down the street. The waiter sat them at there table and gave them their menus and walked away. Verruca ordered pasta and a side of bread sticks to nibble on while she waited for her meal. The date was going great and the two were really hitting it off. They talked about there past and where they saw there futures going. Verruca was almost done with her buttery pasta and her belly felt very full. She looked down at it and saw it was a small gut at this point and she began to panic. If Nick saw it when she got up he would be grossed out. The check came and Verruca had an idea how she could hide her belly. She thanked Nick for dinner and as he got up from the table she quickly asked him to pull the car around to the front for her. Nick looked confused but happily agreed. When he left to get the car Verruca stood up, her belly bloated, full of rich pasta noodles,bread and wine stuck out for all to see. She put on her coat and zipped it up and headed to the exit.

Nick took her home and walked her to her door where he was invited in for more wine. A few more bottles and after dimming the lights they made love for the rest of the night to early morning. The next couple of days nick avoided verruca and didn't say anything to her all day. She felt hurt and betrayed and wondered why he was avoiding her? She overheard Nick talking to some co-workers in the break room through the vents in the ladies room. She learned that he wasgrossed out by her fat belly and that he only made love to her because he was drunk. Verruca Was furious and thought to herself how she could get back at Nick.

At her desk she stewed and thought about her revenge as she rubbed her belly. Then it came to her. That's it I'll pretend I'm pregnant he will have to be with me! Thoughts of Nick on his knees begging Verruca to get an abortion ran through her head. She would have total power over him. But How would she pull off looking pregnant? She remembered how her belly was so fat and bloated after the meal and decided she would gain as much weight as needed to look like a typical fat pregnant mother eating for two. That night she gorged on everything she had in her pantry and fridge. She loved the feeling of her belly being fat and full and by the and of the feast her belly was fat and round. She lay on her couch and moaned in pleasure as she rubbed her fat belly. The next day she wore the tightest shirt and shirt she had and ambushed nick in the parking lot and told him she was pregnant as she rubbed her belly. He was very upset and told her he didn't want a baby now. She told him that if he did what she said for the 9 months he was off the hook and she would put it up for adoption. Fist he had to quite his job and live with her. He reluctantly agreed and a wicked smile slid across her face.

By the end of the first week Verruca had prepared a small cot in the basement for nick to stay and a schedule was posted on the fridge in the kitchen with all of his daily chores on it. She knew he would find out she wasn't pregnant if her belly stayed the same size month after month so she ordered nick to cook almost allday. The remaining time left over her could get a bit of rest eat his small "controlled meal"(oatmeal and water twice a day) and then continue to serve her.

A typical day started as follows.

At 6:00 am Nick would run up the stairs and start to make Verruca her breakfast of sausages pancakes smothered with butter and eggs and mounds of bacon.

At 7:00 Verruca would scream from her room and demand to be fed her breakfast. Nick walked in with a huge tray of food and she ripped it out of his hands and began scarfing down the bacon and buttery pancakes. She Washed it down with heavy cream and licked her lips and belched. He stood there watching the once petite redhead gorgelike a fat sow. She stopped eating and glared at him he quickly, her face covered in grease and butter as she licked her lips.

Nick bowed and left so he would not be yelled at.

At 8:30 she screamed again for nick to clean up and take all the empty plates for her. He ran in and took the empty tray and under it was a fat gut riddled with stretch marks. She then slowly wobbled out of bed and walked to her bathroom and took a long bath and pleasured herself.
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BootyProotie 9 years
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Needs a little proofreading but a nice idea
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Thanks for the constructive critisism !!
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Not sure how I feel about this one, lol. If only dates went that well in real life.