Letting herself go!

chapter 1

Letting Herself Go...

Five, four, three, two, one. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! The glowing 1997 lit up times square followed by shots of sailors kissing strange beautiful woman. Michelle turned off the T.V and looked around her empty apartment as if hoping to see a cute man to kiss. "Another lonely year", she said to herself and got up to get ready for bed. A staggering 5'10 Michelle was a nordic blonde type and had a hourglass figure. She had what you would call a Marilyn Monroe physique. The buzz of her alarm clock woke her up six short hours later.

Michelle worked at a telemarketing company on the outskirts of Chicago known as Des Plaines. The drab buildings exterior was only matched by the mind numbing chore of cold-calling people and selling them a miracle diet pill knows as Xanadu 5. Most of the employees in the call center were women and most were married as well. Michelle walked by the reception desk of her friend Kimmy and stopped to chat before her shift.

"Hey Kimmy, happy new year" Michelle said with a forced smile.
" Girl, there ain't nothing happy about another year being single" Kimmy said with a sarcastic grin.

Michelle nodded her head and went to her cubicle to "plug in". The hours passed and before she knew it lunch time had arrived. Michelle headed into the shared lunch area and plopped down to eat her "food". Well I mean I guess its food to maybe rabbits and guinea pigs. Michelle had it in her mind that men only wanted thin women, anything else would be a total turn off. As she forced herself to eat the leafy greens of bland she looked around the break room and saw the usual married women eating together.

Ah, Stephanie, Michelle thought with a chuckle what a typical "mom". I mean you could see that Stephanie just gave birth not to long ago. Her hair was in a lazy ponytail and she was still very much carrying that belly bulge and her appetite had not returned to her pre-pregnancy needs. Michelle scoffed and thought, what poor man has to have that fat lazy pig climb up on top of him at night. He must be so turned off with that fat hanging stretch marked belly on him as he pleasures her with his manhood. She doesn't even try, look at her lunch! It was obvious that Stephanie had a healthy appetite and her "lunch" would be enough for a family of three, for dinner in most third world countries.

Her belly still hungry and even more pissed about being single Michelle returned to her cubicle to finish her shift. She dialed another cold call and a woman picked up.

"Hello Ma'am, I have a great offer for you, a new super fast diet pill call Xanadu 5..." was all Michelle could get out before the woman interrupted.
"Oh, hahaha, I have no need for that" The woman said with her mouth full of her food.
In the background Michelle could her a man ask the woman "do you want anymore desert sweetheart?". The woman giggled and said, " Harold I'm simply making a pig of myself but I could probably have one more slice of your homemade red velvet cake.
After that, the woman hung up and Michelle was in disbelief that any woman would have a man feed her fattening, delicious, soft, moist, sweet.....oh wait, what was I thinking again? Oh yes, the amount of calories in that one piece of cake would ruin my whole week! A few hours a later the fat herd of bloated overindulged housewives were lined up at the time clock waiting to punch out. Stephanie was there of course and Michelle couldn't help but look her over up and down. The bulging belly and fat breasts that so lazily lay on it seemed to hover in front of Stephanie defying gravity. How any man could snuggle next to that pig, she thought to herself.

"Home at last" Michelle said as she threw her keys on the kitchen table and sauntered to the fridge. "What to eat?" she thought as she slowly slid her hand across her flat tummy and as she was eying her options. Her hand slid under the button down white shirt and as if on its own her finger gently slid into her belly button. Realizing the strange place she had subconsciously put her hand Michelle snapped out of her food gazing trance and grabbed a low fat yogurt. Hours passed and Michelle did her chores, like laundry and cleaning, then took a hot shower. She was a sight to behold for some men she was the perfect hourglass shape. Shampoo cascaded down her neck to her supple breasts before dancing its way down her taught tummy and dripping onto the floor. Hopping out she grabbed her size small pink robe and walked to the couch. As Michelle was about to sit down her tummy grumbled in protest and she new it would be best to get a healthy snack before she sat down to watch her favorite show, the amazing race.
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