The lottery ticket

Chapter 1 - the lottery ticket

The lottery ticket

Kim was the youngest sister in her family of four. Her mother and two sisters constantly reminded her that it was her "job" to do pretty much everything around the house. Kim had just turned 18 and was assigned even more chores. As a result she was always moving or cleaning up which lent itself to her slim figure. Her sisters and mother on the other hand were not so svelte. The lack of chores and responsibilities encouraged the three woman to lazily lie in bed and gorge on take out or one of Kim's cooking creations. Her mother was about 250 pounds and clearly and apple type body. Her mothers style had not changed since the seventies and as a result the fat whale waddled around in skin tight dresses and was allays glammed up. Her two older twin sisters Rebecca and Katie were the spitting image of there mother. Both around 200 pounds of spoiled brat. There shrieks could be heard whenever there food supply was low or they needed Kim to put on there shoes for them. Kim's father was never around so she took on all the responsibilities.

A typical day went as follows. At 7:00am sharp Kim woke to get breakfast ready for her "family". She turned on the stove and the sounds and smells wafted out into the house. Like pigs to the trough her mother and sisters waddled in to be fed. Her fat mother sat at the head of the table and rubbed her gluttonous gut and smiled at her twin joys. Rebecca and Katie both licked there lips in anticipation of there stuffing. There gurgling bellies almost yelled for food as they slashed and gurgled. Kim gently lay there plates in front of the three little pigs and without a thank you they started shoveling the rich breakfast down there pie holes. In between bites, talking with there mouths full they would tell Kim what they needed. Whether it was more syrup or a refill of there heavy cream drink. Kim was always there to tend to her family and obeyed there every whim.

After all the food was gone and Rebecca was licking the syrup off her plate the three gluttons slowly stood up and waddled into the living room to let there bellies settle. Slowly the three moved and as they waddled there bellies gently wiggled and juggled and there plump behinds bounced and swayed. After reaching the comfort of there respective recliner chairs the three turned on the TV. Kim cleaned up and snacked on celery and peanut butter while doing the dishes. After she cleaned up she knew what was next so she got there bathing suits ready for there morning tan. One by one she helped fat Rebecca and rotund Katie into there one piece pink bathing suits and got there recliners ready outside by the pool. The fat three walked by Kim and Rebecca shot her a mean look as she waddled by her younger sister Kim After they were seated and enjoying the sunshine Kim returned to the kitchen to prepare "snacks" or a full sized meal whichever you prefer. The noodles and pasta sauce and garlic bread sent the fat piggies outside into a buzz of excitement. They rubbed there fat bellies and belched trying to clear room for there next gorge. Kim rolled out there snacks and the piglets dug in and never even thanked Kim for the feast. Slurp, chomp, suck, chew. All the girls were in ecstasy shoveling buttery garlic bread and noodles down into there ever expanding bellies.

There guts were stuffed and the fabric of there bathing suits was tested. Every move the girls made created a ripple of soft flesh that traveled down to there silky plump tanned legs. Helping her engorged sisters and mother up Kim escorted them to the bathroom where the whales showered and freshened up. After they bathed and got ready Kim had the minivan started and was ready to drive them to whatever culinary hot spot the spoiled girls demanded. Rebecca squezed into the seat almost unable to strap her belt over her fat belly. Kim's mother shouted for her to take them to china buffet on 4th street.

Ah the old china buffet a favorite of Kim's mother and sisters. As Kim drove the car and hit the occasional pot hole all of there bellies wiggled and jiggled. All the way to the buffet Rebecca and Katie told Kim what she didn't do right or what she needed to do better.
" Kim! When you prepare our breakfast you know we want at least three types of syrup!", Katie bellowed.
"And don't be so cheap with the butter on the mashed potatoes!" Screeched her mother.

Kim nodded her head and took down notes on how she could improve her care for the gluttonous pigs. Pulling up right to the door so the swine didn't have to walk to far (we wouldn't want that) to get into the feeding area. The shocks creaked and groaned in relief now that Rebecca and Katie were out. All three fat blumps sat there wide fat butts down and ordered there drinks while Kimmy parked.
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Pregnantstuf... 9 years
Thank you your highness!
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Lovely story, sounds sort of like a fat cynderella story minus the step sister parts etc lol.
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Good tips! I'm finishing another chapter very soon!
Pregnantstuf... 10 years
Thank you! More soon!