Becoming adams pig

chapter 1

All through school, Sandi was always athletic. Captain of the cheer team and voted most popular. She had an athletic body, just over 5 foot tall, Sandi weighed 105 pounds of tight, toned skin.
Over the years, Sandi kept her tight toned body and worked out 5-6 days a week still years after graduating weighing only 110 pounds.
Sandi moved and joined a new gym where she met Adam, a handsome bodybuilder 10 years younger then her.
Adam was muscular, good looking, confident and somewhat arrogant, but that attracted Sandi to him. Adam could see Sandi was shy, not very confident and seemed to be the submissive type. Exactly what Adam wanted. They spoke daily at the gym until one day Adam asked Sandi to dinner.
Getting ready for the date, Sandi was dressed in a tight black dress perfectly fitted to her petite body. Sandi feeling somewhat insecure since Adam was so much younger then her. They met at a fancy restaurant, when Sandi walked in she saw Adam waiting at the bar. Adam was wearing fitted dress pants and a shirt hugging his large muscular arms.
Sandi walked into the bar area and joined Adam for a couple drinks before dinner. They were seated at a nice table in the corner of the restaurant.
Adam ordered plenty of appetizers and a large bottle of wine.
Sandi had a taste of each appetizer. When the time came to order dinner Sandi was already full. Sandi decided to keep it light and just order broiled fish. Barely finishing her dinner, Adam ordered dessert. A large warm chocolate lava fudge cake. After he took a bite, he got a large forkful and put it up to sandi's mouth saying " You gotta try this". After several bites, Sandi was so stuffed she could barely get up from her chair.
As they got up to leave, Adam could see Sandi's belly sticking out.
They continued to date and things were going great.
Adam loved to try new restaurants and they went out to eat 1-2 times a week.
Within 6 months of dating, Sandi was up to 117 pounds from all the dinner dates Adam would treat her to.
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Jazzman 6 years
Thanks for answering.I wonder if you have seen anyone lately for the first time in a while.I've always found those kind of meetings Hot.I remember a few occaisions at reunions like that.
Adamspet Piggy 6 years
Hahaa. No I have not, there is no food or drinks other than a water bottle allowed in the gym. And the membership is 600 bucks a year and I'm no longer a member so I can't get in .
Jazzman 6 years
Have you contemplated going back to the gym to watch Adam work out while you eat candy or drink soda? Or perhaps going in to attempt your old workout while people who remember you gasp in shock?
Adamspet Piggy 6 years
Thank you
Adamspet Piggy 6 years
Thank you. I will write more, I already started one. But I have a very dark mind when it comes to feedism and sex.
QuebecFA 6 years
This is such a well written and incredibly erotic story! I hope you'll write more in the future... You are very talented! :-)
Suzyq2u 6 years
I'm so doing this!!!
Adamspet Piggy 6 years
You inspired me
Jazzman 6 years
Very nice! You're a very good writer!