Being mean make you fat sweety

  By Fatrolls34

chapter 1

Lily was sick of if it, day after day she had to hear Eva trying tu humiliate her and most of the other people around her. " I can't understand how is it possible for you to see with that huge nose of yours." "Flappy ass girl..." " Look at him... looks like some one want to be alone for ever..." Mean comments flying everywhere coming from her mouth. Lily could not deal with it anymore and she was ready to give her a punishment for what she had been doing.
That same day, after class, Lily searched and search on the internet for ways to destroy Evas attitude, but found nothing... not until she started searching for some help from the magic world. " Spells to get against someone" "Spells to ruin someone" " ruin a bad person" .... After a while she found something that seemed easy and perfect for her situation.
" Be careful with what you wish, this spell is hard and can get out of control. " It said.
She only had to pronounce some foreign words and then say what the punishment was and when it was going to take place, as well as who was the one affected by it.
"..... Eva will gain weight with every mean word she says, no matter who to or when..."
Nothing happened after Lily said those words and she was really expecting glitter flying around and a bright light or something that could prove to her that the spell had been done right.
The following day Lily woke up as always, not really expecting much of the day. She changes into her usual clothes and headed to school, on her way there, she saw Eva on the bus, she tried to ignore her and act like she was not even there and sat in the front of the bus. "Great she sat in the front that way she will not spread her ugliness to us" She said and then laugh.
Since Lily was sitting in the front she didnt notice what had just happened. As soon as Eva finished the sentence her belly roared and expanded a tiny bit. Eva though to herself " What was that? I might be sick"
They got to their first period class when Eva started bitching around.
"You lard ass! Sit away from me or you are going to hit me with your fat hahaha" "His teeth are so spreed I can see his stomach from here" "You stink" "Looks like someone doesnt understand how the shower works" After every single thing she said her belly was adding 5 pounds and after just an hour she stood up when the bell rang. They all had notive something was changing but didnt say a thing until she stood up and she had gained 30 pounds. "Eva is turning into a slob!" "OMG what a fat ass" " She has been going to McDonalds way too much I guess" To all those comments she was answering of course and gaining more and more weight, she started to balloon up. Her belly was getting bigger, her shirt started to roll up not being able to cover it, it started to hang over her pants. She started t try to walk quick out of the class to get to the bathroom. People were staring at her and saying things to her "roly-poly" "fat slob" "chunky eva" "eva ate adam hahaha" and laughing at her and she was trying to give it back to them but her body kept growing. Her butt started to get wider and fatter and suddenly the pants ripped, but she kept growing, her tights fatter and fatter, her belly covering them, fat rolls on her back, big chunky arms... she kept growing people were poking her body and laughing at her. Her face started to get rounder and rounder. 200 pounds, then 300... 350... She was growing and growing, her belly getting bigger, hanging more and more, hitting people with her belly and butt, her boobs making it hard for her to breath...400 pounds... then 450.... then 500 and finally 600 pounds... She was more than half a tone...
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