Big fat energy

chapter 1

After I played the Sesame Street theme song on piano for 5 hours, I moved to the couch, where I vegetated for another 5 hours. I was a vegetable, described by my twin brother's friends as being "eggplant shaped". A weight gain of 35 pounds could do that to anybody, or maybe it was just me. It was because my upper half wasn't big but my belly was getting rather enormous. I didn't mind being described as an eggplant; eggplants are sexy, and the extra weight made me feel sexy as hell.
My twin brother, Brian, recently told me he weighed in at 325 pounds. To my surprise, I was actually jealous of that number. I'm floating around at the 180 mark. He's always been bigger than me and I've been the fit one. The gain started for me when I hurt myself playing sports. After that, I just sat around eating, not giving a damn. 35 pounds may not seem like a whole lot, but it sure is noticeable. Brian's friends make fun of me, since I don't carry the weight all over like he does (yet). Our parents have been concerned, making doctors appointments for me. At first it annoyed me, and then it turned me on. When my doctor told me just how much I'd gained, I won't lie, I got pretty wet. Even as he lectured me, I could feel the tingle. When I left the doctor's office, I went straight home to eat just about everything in the freezer. 2 entire tubs of ice cream. I bet Brian hadn't thought of that one. He just gorges on steaks and big hearty meals. He doesn't care about dessert. I'm a dessert kinda guy.
Our birthday passed in June. I got a box of chocolate turtles and ate them all in one night. That was a little secret from our Aunt Teresa. Brian's friend Mike made me some pot brownies as a joke. I was feeling generous and I shared them with Brian. He said to me "Paul, there's something in these brownies" and I said, "yeah, no shit. I'm stoned." It was great fun.
While i don't want to give Brian a bigger lead in gaining, I enjoy seeing him be such a porker. I've got somebody to go to buffets with and the weirdest thing is, as jealous as I am, seeing him get bigger is amazing. It encourages me. When we were kids, both of us were fit. Mostly. Chubby, but we were active and both of us played football in high school. Now we're adults in our late 20s, far less active, and getting huge. Brian's thighs have to be at least 80 pounds each. I really can't wait to be that size.
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