Pop goes the weasel

Chapter 1 - death (spells) cakes

"Did you enjoy those cupcakes I made for you,Frankie? I noticed you ate a couple," James said, watching me starting to fall asleep.
I nodded and tried to sit up. James' cooking had already done a number on me; he was quite a baker. We were both musicians, and now that we had time to tour together, James was cooking for me all the time.
"Of course I like the cupcakes. I did have two of them," I replied with a tiny giggle.
James was pleased, and I was happy. I went back to trying to fall asleep but my stomach wasn't being very kind to me. I was still hungry after my little overindulgence on James' cupcakes, which to some might not seem like much considering I just had a couple, but the thing about his cupcakes is... they're very large. One cupcake has about 600 calories or more depending on how much frosting he puts on them. Since I'm not a fan of the plain chocolate ones, I went for the chocolate chip, and those suckers have a lot more than just 600.
We'd always had a running joke about these cupcakes when we toured. He made some muffins during our first tour together, and they were almost the size of my head. I was at my heaviest weight at that time, about 200 pounds. I've since lost the weight but James has always seemed to want me to gain it all back. He's a little on the heavy side himself, probably because he wants to be big. He's a sweet man and he's always looked out for me. Maybe while we're together on this tour I'll let myself go, just for him.
I called James over to me and let him sit beside me on the couch that I'd set up to be more like a bed. He comfortably lied beside me and lifted up my shirt, exposing my tattooed belly. I felt his warm hand caress my side and I moaned slightly in pleasure. Every time he touched me like that I felt a little bit comfortable and at ease. He knew how to please me and I liked that, but he was only a friend.
"Want another cupcake, Frank?" he asked me in his soft loving tone, a small smile on his face and his brown eyes looking at me with as much love as possible.
I hesitated to nod, but my stomach growled and answered for me; an obvious yes from the thing within me that was in charge. I giggled and nodded, because whatever my stomach wanted from now on, it would get.
James returned after a trip to the kitchen to get me another chocolate chip cupcake with a very heavy buttercream frosting. Aside from the other two cupcakes I'd eaten, we'd also had dinner at a pretty nice Italian restaurant. I already felt a little stuffed but that didn't stop me or James. He kept feeding me and rubbing my belly,making sure I was comfortable and feeling okay. Halfway through him feeding me I started to wonder if I really wanted to be 200 pounds again.
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