Josh needs a feeder

Chapter 1 - tyler

Josh was always thin. He was athletic, very energetic. He always seemed to be moving around and he had a great metabolism. Tyler noticed this in his friend, and though he loved Josh very much, he thought Josh would be better with some fat on him. Tyler thought that one day when they had some free time alone together, he'd begin his plans.
That day finally came. Tyler bought some food for his friend, knowing it would be good enough for at least one stuffing session. Josh wouldn't mind, as he loved food.
Josh arrived at Tyler's house that night, knowing there would be plenty of great food. He was unaware of Tyler's true plans, and he just expected to be having a dinner of some sort like they usually had together. He came into the house like normal and found that his friend was nowhere to be found. There was music playing somewhere in the house and all the lights were on. Certainly Tyler was home, Josh thought to himself as he wandered into the hallway. The music got louder the further back he went. Tyler's bedroom was at the end of the hall, as Josh knew. The door opened suddenly and a hand pulled on Josh's wrist, yanking him into the dark room. He was scared at first, but his friend's giggles gave it away.
"Really? Freaking really, Tyler?," Josh yelled, holding back giggles of his own.
Tyler kept giggling and nodded, unable to form real words until he caught his breath.
"Sorry. You know me and my jokes. You looked so scared though."
Josh rolled his eyes and looked around.
"So where's the food?," he asked hungrily.
Tyler perked up a bit and smiled a bit strangely at his friend. He motioned toward the bed and led Josh over to it.
"Its over here. Plenty of it too. Most of it for you, as I sort of already ate," he said, blushing a bit, as he had sort of eaten some of the food intended for Josh to eat.
Josh giggled softly and jumped on Tyler's bed, but before he could reach for any of the food, Tyler pounced on him and tied him to the bed, restraining his wrists and ankles. Josh was confused and a little bit unsure of what was happening.
"Why do I have to be tied up?," he asked, sounding a little bit scared.
Tyler's eyes turned red for a moment, something that Josh was somewhat familiar with. He stayed quiet after that as Tyler got out the food.

(end of part one. Feel free to leave comments. I'll try to write more very soon.)
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MangaBL 7 years
It would be even hotter if Tyler fed nothing but weight gain mix, cakes and creams!
Emancipator 7 years
can't wait to see more of this ( Ou0)