Big money

chapter 1

Harley was the epitome of fitness; flat stomach, a thigh gap equal in size to her actual thighs, and a well rounded face and personality.
Her routine was simple, with exercise, food, and then more exercise. But this morning would destroy this routine, and most routines she had for that matter.

As Harley sat down for her morning granola, there was a knock on her door.
Answering it, an important looking man stood there with a clipboard with documents in his hand.
He cleared his throat before speaking, "Ms. Fitzgerald? I'm working with the local council to promote healthy living on the island, and we thought that someone so well known in the circles of the fitness community you could help here. May I come in?"
Harley led the man inside and into her kitchen. The man went through with the publicity project, showing her the photography procedures and times she was needed. A section on 'Before and After' pictures caught her eye.
"What's this bit?" she asked, pointing at it with a perfectly manicured finger.
The G man shifted in his chair uncomfortably. "Well, you see, we would take the after photos now, and you would, well, for lack of a better term, let yourself go, and provide us with before shots. You would be provided with a fully stocked pantry and wardrobe, and your weight loss will be overseen by a personal trainer."
This took Harley by surprise. She loved her body and had worked so hard for it, although she would have a trainer and wouldn't have to worry about clothes. After a minute she picked up the pen and signed the document.
"Allrighty then. First Monday of June is when you'll be called into city hall for the photo shoot. Then you'll need to have a BMI of 27 or more for the next photo shoot. The bigger the better your payment will be."
The G man took up his papers and left. Harley felt worried. Did she act to rashly? Or was it a dignified choice? After all, being fat couldn't be that bad. Could it? It wasn't as if she was becoming a 300 pound slob or anything.
Harley grew up in a very health-centred family. Her parents made sure she got her 5 a day and that she got plenty of exercise. Her sister on the other hand grew up a fat girl, always being bullied for her weight. Harley never looked down on her sister, on the contrary, she looked up to her, for being an academic and intellectual. But alas, at 240 pounds, she was certainly fat, and lived under the thumb of bullies and people shaming her.
Although it did get Harley thinking about getting some tips on her 'Before' photo body.
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Jazzman 5 years
Talk about her days at home alone. How she gains on her own and her personal reflections on getting fat.How fat she imagines getting.
Math Machine 6 years
No offense, but when people make self referential jokes on stories like this (like you did with fantasy feeder) it feels a little like a slap in the face as the immersion is lost. Nitpicking though.
Theswordsman 6 years
What if the people who originally hired her are upset about how things turned out and decide to kidnap and force feed her until she's immobile.
QuebecFA 6 years
I really love this story! It kept be intrigued from beginning to end and the story was perfectly paced! I'm looking forward to your future contributions! :-)
Jazzman 6 years
This is a theme that was done on Dimensions 15 plus years ago but with a man hired to feed a fading model.The more up to date fitness queen/personal trainer and a sex worker sister is giving this story a modern twist and a terrific flow. Very Very Nice!