Hidden desire

chapter 1

Vera came him from the office, tired. Her boyfriend broke up with her, co-workers were being a pain in the ass, and she hadn't had her lunch.
There was one thing to look forward to though; she purchased a virtual reality headset and computer that let her explore her own mind, in a 3D environment. What she was expecting , she didn't know. She thought it would be fun to see what went on in her subconscious.
Having a quick dinner, she headed up to her room. Putting on the headset, she turned on the computer. Immediately, she was plunged into a coma of sorts, landing in a metal room.
Well, she thought to herself, This seems okay.
She was now clad in an orange jumpsuit, with the software developer's logo on it. On one side of the room there were three doors, each labeled individually: Materialistic needs, Emotional needs and sexual needs.
She entered the Materialistic needs door. Inside there was an array of cars and gadgets that she had always had a yearning for. After messing around with the things in that room, she moved onto the emotional needs room.
This was a lot different to the other room, this time filled with people. There was her parents, and ex-boyfriend. Standing by one wall was Lydia, her cousin. Lydia was always a fat girl. While most liked to say that she was just a large girl, that would've been an understatement. She was a 230 pound monster who never turned down a meal. She and Vera were very close, with them growing up together.
The next room, Sexual needs, took Vera by surprise. She thought it would contain some naked men in cages, or something like that, but instead, she was met with a table and chair. There was a single cupcake on it, with orange frosting.
Sitting down, Vera ate the cake. It didn't taste extraordinary, but it wasn't that bad. Looking down she saw another.
Where the fuck this is going, I don't know, she thought, picking it up and eating it.
More food started to appear. Vera was now picking up snack bars, cakes, donuts and other fatty goods and shoving them down her mouth. Her body started to expand, her sides slopping down the sides of her chair. Her belly was now stretching out further, restricting her movement.
Large, multi-tiered cakes started to appear. She was grabbing chunks and gobbling them down greedily. The chair was starting to creak. She continued eating, unzipping her jumpsuit a bit to let her cleavage show. She was now taking platters of food and and tilting them down into her mouth. Soon after the chair snapped. She bounced harmlessly on the ground.
"Good grief," she said out loud, looking at her giant body, "I'm getting turned on by being fat."
She walked over to a mirror. Taking off her jumpsuit, she looked at her sexy, lingerie-clad body, plump and squishy body.
"I can get used to this." she said, feeling her hips.
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Nok 6 years
brilliant idea
Jazzman 6 years
Interesting concept. I like this story