Bred and fed

chapter 1

The Samwell Institute was a building surrounded by controversy: the entire place was dedicated to raising up genetically modified people with the sole purpose of being companions to whoever could afford the prices. Many questioned the ethics of such a place, but business went on through bribes, lawers upon layers of lawyers and other questionable methods.
Our story follows the exploits of one such clone, named Deirdre. Commissioned by a wealthy actor, she had lived in the facility for all her life. While most of her fellow clones had either chiseled bodies or had skinny frames, Deirdre was bred to become something more.
While her commissioner wanted her to be a plump princess, the strict breeding regimes meant that she only started fattening up at the later stages of her life in the Samwell Institute, leaving a lot of catch-up to do...


It we was 10:30 as Deirdre woke up, as she always had, ever single day of her life.
Yawning, she went up to her mirror, looking at her reflection. She had a petit figure and at 5' 9", she stood slightly taller than most of the girls around the Institute. Looking away, she ran a hand through her red hair, each strand perfectly groomed. Her artificial genetics helped her skin from developing too many imperfections and keep her body shape as even as possible. She felt her skinny legs and arms, remembering how she always came out as one of the best looking girls there. She had lived in this apartment ever since she was 14, (Or at least mentally 14 as accelerated aging meant that she was much younger, but aged and learned faster than normal humans). She met in the common room with her two other roommates. Deirdre didn't mind these arrangements at all, as her roomies were relatively nice. The common room table was littered with letters and pills. Looking at them, she found some that were addressed to a her. Her letter contained a message written by administration, reading,
"Dear Deirdre,
Your commissioner has signed in his contact with us and in 8 months time, you will be passed onto him. As per special instructions, you must increase your body fat percentage to 40% Included are some pills for appetite enhancement and other medication for your health.
The Samwell team"
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Nok 6 years
cool story and interesting directions
Nok 6 years
interesting start. the beginning represents an interesting potential for shame related to her growing difference between her self and her roommates
Juicy 6 years
Looking forward to more. smiley