No rest for the weary

chapter 1: the exile

Ruby had lived with her two sisters for all her life. Her twin sister, Rory, had fled the nest much earlier than she did though to pursue academic achievement up north.
While Ruby always thought herself the cool twin, there was no one to be cool to. Her sister Rose had a job at a SSBBW magazine, and her other sister, Vivian took care of the house. She had another friend, Scarlett, but they were rarely in touch.
One day though, when Rose came home, she had had enough.
"So Ruby, what are you going to do?" she said over dinner.
"Uh, maybe get a job some time?" she replied, not paying the question much heed.
Vivian piped up. "You know, you should really try and do something. Like, I dunno, get an apartment and get a boyfriend."
Ruby squirmed in her chair, "You know I don't know how to chat up boys."
"Yeah, but you do know how to buy things." Rose said pinching Ruby's spare tyre. "Those Burger Queen fries didn't come from nowhere."
"Look I get it-"
Rose snapped. "No you don't. Look, I'm gonna ship you off tomorrow. I'm gonna book you a place somewhere so you can stop bothering me."


Ruby hoped that Rose was just annoyed that day, but she wasn't. Before she knew it she was waiting for the next bus to Bay City, to a place called 'Metro beach'. From what Ruby heard of it, it was some sort of fitness camp, and while being fat wasn't a problem, but rather having low muscle mass was, she knew she would fall behind easily although she did maintain the hope that she would do so bad as to get her sent home.

When she arrived, she was greeted by a chubby greeter who led her to registration. After handing in her registration forms and getting her resort pass, she was allowed to roam freely and see what things there were to do.
The main building was a clubhouse filled exclusively with girls, and after a quick consensus, she saw that only a few of them showed any sports prowess. In fact, when she saw snacks and soda machine dispensing sugary nutrition for free and eating competitions happening on every corner, she was starting to doubt that this was vaguely a fitness camp. But of course, if it wasn't a fitness camp, than she knew that it was her kind of camp.
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