Lipton valley

chapter 1

"Here I am." Daniel said, looking down at his brochure. Lipton valley, it was called. A picture of a busty Swedish woman took up much of the front page, and inside were pictures of the small community there. Daniel was surprised there wasn't any more guys there; with an exclusively female populous and free beer, it was anyone's guess why Daniel was the only one here.
As he entered the town hall, he was greeted by a tall, blonde woman, dressed in typical Eastern Europe beer maid garb.
"So you are Daniel? My name is Carly. Nice to meet you." She said soothingly, "Let me bring to the guest hostel."
The building was akin to a medival tavern, complete with a thatched roof. Daniel was given the biggest room there, complete with a king sized bed and a drinks cabinet.
"So Daniel, we have a few rules," Carly said, "One, you must give each resident a feeding each week."
Daniel stopped looking around.
Carly chuckled. "You know why there are so few visitors that come here. I mean, the brochure may have appealed to a wide audience, but the waistline of the woman is enough to deter most people. The pictures featured in the brochure featured large and heavy women."
"Yeah, I might like fat chicks, but why would I feed you?" Daniel stuttered.
Carly laughed again. "But you knew that you wanted to feed us and make us bigger. We are your type: Blonde, east European and chubby, so were well fed, but about to get fed better. Of course, I'm a bit on the skinny side at the moment. You know, 110 pounds; the typical skinny digit. But enough chatter," she said, taking off her dress, revealing a taunt tummy and small breasts, clad in a forest green two piece lingerie, "I'm ready. There's some food in that dumb waiter."
Daniel went over to the dumb waiter built into the wall. He had to say, a holiday resort feeding several attractive women? Paradise. And once more, a communications ban ensured that no one would leak his fetish, and why would these women do that? They were after all letting him feed them, and by the looks of Carly, make love to them.
Bringing over some warm potato dumplings, he popped them into Carly's mouth. She chewed them before opening her mouth for more. As he finished each plate and brought another, he noticed Carly's flat stomach get slightly padded. After the tenth plate of dumplings and Carly now was sporting a little paunch in front, she offered Daniel to come over to her.
"So, you feed a woman well. You experienced?" she said, checking her fingernails.
"Nah. None of my girlfriends were ever feedees."
"But you still had normal sex?" Carly asked, thumb under her panty strap.
"Well, yeah."
"Then I guess I wont have to teach you." she said before jamming her tongue in Daniels mouth.
As both people were quickly stripped, they both found themselves practically intertwined. After the ordeal was over, they decided to finish up with some feeding.
So far so good, thought Daniel.
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Jimmy7 5 years
can't wait to read more this is pretty good stuff