Blu berry tales: internet famous

chapter 1

"OH MY GOD, you are so FAT!" squealed the excited brunette, popping out from behind the tree and dropping down next to
Blu on the blanket. "Marine was right--I am soooo happy to meet you!" the girl, Carlie, squealed again, reminding Blu of a hyena who'd just come upon a succulent wildebeest to devour.

The fat girl smiled nervously; what kind of first meeting was this? "Um," Blu was about to put down the sandwich in her hand to offer a hand to shake, but Carlie quickly grabbed her hand to prevent her from doing so.

"No no, you eat--that's what all this is here for, after all," she giggled, waving an arm at the enormous picnic basket to Blu's right, packed to the brim with delectable, and most importantly fattening, treats.

Blu giggled too, nervously. "Re-really, all for me? There's no way I can eat that much...."

Carlie smiled mischievously. "Is that so?"

Blu nodded, slowly leaning backwards to get as far from that smile as possible. Unfortunately, her back touched the tree, and with the way Carlie was eyeing her, she felt a bond with the imaginary succulent wildebeest.

She felt a small bit of relief when Carlie looked away, and began rummaging through the basket. Her relief was short- lived when she saw what the brunette gleefully pulled out: ropes.

"Uh....what are those for?"

"You, silly!" Carlie answered with a giggle, and stood to move closer to the fat girl. "Now hold still!"

Blu was too stunned to speak, let alone move an inch, so she remained still and silent as the exuberant girl she had just met went about securely binding her thick legs stretched out in front of her, then set about doing the same to her hands.

As Carlie hummed jauntily while tying the fat girl's hands together to rest on top of her round belly, the ability to speak returned to Blu.

"Why are you doing this?" asked the alarmed butterball, to which Carlie merely winked and gave her captive a light tap on the nose.

"If you want the job you need to eat everything in the basket," she replied in a sing-song voice. "And I'm more than happy to help you achieve that goal."

That response only made Blu more confused. "Job? What job? I thought this was a da--"

The fudge brownie suddenly pushed into her mouth cut her off mid sentence.

"Your voice is cute, but I'd rather hear you chewing. Now start eating," Carlie ordered, though the sparkle in her violet eyes mitigated some of the sternness.

The brownie was too deep in her mouth to just spit back out, leaving Blu no choice but to start chowing down. It was a delicious brownie, the best she'd ever had, in fact, so while this whole situation still freaked her out, when she finished the first brownie and was immediately given another, she wasn't too upset about it.

Every time she swallowed, before she could get one word out, more food would be pushed into her mouth. Most of it was finger foods, but some, like the chocolate pudding, or mac and cheese, required Blu to be spoonfed.

This routine continued until, when the basket was more than half empty, the captive fatty began groaning and trying to rub her sore belly with her bound hands. Carlie put down the piece of strawberry cheesecake.

"Let me take care of that," she cooed. Moving Blu's hands aside, she pulled up her light blue t-shirt and reached for the button on Blu's blue jeans.

"See, this is your problem. You don't wear jeans to a stuffing, silly," the strange girl giggled, and undid the button and zipper. The second she did, the rest of Blu's gut oozed free.

Another squeal from Carlie. "You're even fatter than I thought! Oh, you're DEFINITELY the perfect choice, totally!"

Blu, realizing she finally had a moment to speak, took quick advantage. "Perfect choice for what?!"
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