Blu berry tales: the porker

chapter 1

"I'm sorry to say this, Blu, but there's no denying it now: you're over the limit," Dr. Grass solemnly delivered the news to the not fat, not chubby, not "pleasantly plump" or "big-boned" but certifiably obese young woman sitting tearfully beside her.

"Re-really?" Blu sniffled, salty tears sliding down plump cheeks. The doctor grabbed a tissue from the box on the table and handed it to the doomed fat girl, before she spoke again.

"I'm afraid so. At your last inspection you were dangerously close to the line, but I had hope you would finally treat this situation with the graveness it deserves and work on losing some of that weight, just enough to keep you out of danger. Unfortunately," Dr. Grass paused to eye Blu's over fed belly, the milky skin peeking out from the bottom of her clearly no longer fitting shirt. With no hesitation the doctor pulled Blu's shirt all the way up until it stopped just under her chins. Now that belly was free to show its glory.

Blu did not even whimper as the doctor forcefully grabbed at her succulent rolls with both hands. "You have done quite the opppsite," Dr. Grass continued, "Fattened yourself up to astronomical levels. How you managed to reach my office in one piece with this massive dollop of cream temptingly displayed I have no idea," she said, slapping Blu's belly and watching as it violently jiggled.

This time Blu did whimper, and hurriedly pulled her shirt back down to cover her belly; she was partially successful. "Please, Dr. Grass," she begged, more tears falling. She wiped them away with delectably plump fingers. "Please, please, don't let them take me! I don't want.....I don't want to be....." she started to sob.

Dr. Grass sighed--this wasn't her first time delivering this kind of news--but she scooted closer to the obese girl and began rubbing soothing circles into her plush back. "You know I have no control over that, Blu." Not unless she wanted to keep her job; failing to report new candidates for the Feeding Program often resulted in the offending physician being condemned to the program themselves.

The thought of it made her shiver, and hardened her resolve to never let it happen. "There's no one to blame for this but yourself, Ms. Berry," she said sternly. "All of our fates are in our own hands--and you have chosen yours."

She left Blu sobbing on the couch to sit at her desk. After digging through the top left drawer, Dr. Grass pulled out a small card with a pin attached to the back. Grabbing a pen she wrote on the card, then put the pen down and stood.

Still weeping, Blu pushed some wet strands of strawberry blonde hair out of her eyes and looked up when the doctor approached.

Dr. Grass sighed. "This is your new identification badge. Please pin it to your shirt," she ordered, and held the badge right in front of Blu's face so she could clearly read what was written.

The moment she did, the not fat, not chubby, not "pleasantly plump" or "big-boned" but certifiably obese young woman's sobs turned into shrieks.

It read: Porker-864912, Designation: Meat.
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Again a masterpiece !
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Please write more of your beautifull stories.
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omg...that´s an incredibily arousing fantasy!!!!!
Hubbert2995 6 years
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Hubbert2995 6 years
Please continue the story
Hubbert2995 6 years
Please continue
Plumply45 6 years
Let’s get this porky piglet into processing—stripped, shaved and stuffed she’ll be ready for her fate as well-marbled meat!!
Hubbert2995 6 years
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Loved it!!! Such great titillating detail! Please continue!
Hubbert2995 6 years
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