Lazy pig

chapter 1

What have you done to yourself? You used to be trim, somewhat athletic, with a nice pear shaped body.

Now you're a fat pig, covered in well marbled fat, particularly in that huge belly taking up most of your middle. Bye bye pear shape, you've eaten yourself into a big fat juicy apple.

Look at that belly....come on, look at it. Put your hands on it, feel how solid it is, the roundness of it, the weight. Mhmm, it's a pork belly all right. Yep, that's what you are, not just a pig, but a porker, meant to be fattened up to provide the world with lots of tender juicy meat.

Just looking at yourself is making you hungry for some pork. You grasp a succulent roll on your hip, and frown. Though the image is disheartening, it's not hard to imagine yourself trussed up on a serving platter, bright red apple in your mouth, pork belly on display.

You'd eat you if you could.

Grimacing, you shake your head to try and rid yourself of that morbid picture. You've had enough of seeing yourself naked, so grab your robe from the hook on the wall.

When you first bought this robe, it nearly swallowed you whole; now, you can barely get your bulging arms through the sleeves, though you manage to make it work.

But you can forget about tying it all the way. No matter how hard you tug, there's no stopping that gut of yours from showing.

Surrendering with a sigh, you turn away from the mirror and waddle out of the bathroom to head towards the kitchen.

Of course--why not add several new inches of creamy delicious meat to your porky self? It's not like it'll change your appearance much...

Your sweet tooth is tingling, so you retrieve ice cream, cookies, cake, and some chocolate then carefully get yourself settled on the couch. With plump sausage fingers you pick up the remote on the coffee table in front of you and hit the power button.

As the TV comes to life, playing some old rom-com you liked, you begin munching, starting with the cake.

The vanilla icing is your favorite part. While watching the actress that you don't recall seeing around much any more exchanging banter with her handsome love interest, you scrape off the icing and greedily suck it from your fingers. Mmmmm, so sweet. When that's all gone you pick up the vanilla sheet cake like a sandwich and chomp away; it's gone in just under two minutes.

You're grabbing the container of mint chocolate chip ice cream as the first movie ends, and another of the same genre starts in its place.

Digging in, you gather a heaping helping onto your spoon and shovel it into your mouth. Despite the immediate brain freeze, it's so delicious you quickly gobble up more and more, until the quart is left half full.

Your belly is starting to feel a bit tight. You take a break to rub your tummy, and glance back at the TV screen. The movie entertains you for a while, until one of the characters gets some ice cream, and then your appetite is renewed with vigor.

Your head is inside the empty ice cream carton trying to lick the last remnants of the sweet treat while your free hand is reaching for the creme filled cookies. When you finally lick the carton clean, you drop it on the table and eagerly tear open the package of creme filled cookies.

You pop two into your mouth and lean back to finish the movie, the cookies resting on your big belly. When the cookies are two thirds gone you start feeling rather stuffed, and notice the robe ties are straining to keep closed. Do you stop eating?


Finishing off the last of the cookies, you toss away the empty package and grab the bag of peanut butter cups.

The second movie ends. You aren't a fan of what comes on after, so you pick up the remote and start flipping. Channel after channel flicks by as chocolate after chocolate is stuffed into your round face.

By now you're feeling way more stuffed, even a bit pained, but there's no stopping you from finishing the entire family-sized bag of candy.

"Ahh...." you sigh contentedly, before letting out a small burp. That was all the exertion needed for the robe ties to snap, and the entirety of your humongous belly to force itself free and lay over your thighs. You feel more comfortable, though seeing all of this fat brings back your earlier feelings of shame at your weight.

Sighing dejectedly now, you place both hands on top of this doughy dome you call a stomach. The skin feels taut, you've stuffed yourself so well, any big bad wolf or hungry witch would love to sink their teeth into you. You shiver.

Tomorrow, I'm definitely joining a gym, you think to yourself.

Yeah, right.
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GrowingLoveH... 4 years
I am such a fan!!!

I really envy your writing style and voice.
Clubkong 4 years
Yes ! The story goes on ! 😁
Vinix 4 years
You are an artist 😍😍😍
Hubbert2995 5 years
Please upload more chapters
Hubbert2995 5 years
More chapters please
Clubkong 5 years
As always, the start of such a amazing story !