Blu berry tales: the festival

  By Bcpwrites

chapter 1

"Ooooh, such an adorable Piggy! Look at that tummy!" Madison squealed, reaching into the cage to grab and fondle some of Blu's meaty belly. The fat girl only nodded with a nervous chuckle, wondering not for the first time why the hell she ever agreed to participate in this stupid festival.

Dotted around the campus grounds were several other cages, each containing a college student dressed in skimpy attire with an animal theme; the jock, with a bull's horns and a bull's tail stuck to the back of his speedos; the busty and flirty girl, wearing a skimpy bikini accessorized with cute bunny ears and a puffy tail on her bottoms. They weren't allowed to choose their animal, instead it was assigned to them based on their appearance & habits--which is why, in hindsight, Blu really should not have been shocked when the Council deemed her the Pig of the Festival.

The proof was in the pudding, or at least, it was in the jiggly belly and rippling thighs.

Unlike the other "animals", who were able to stand and pose and preen, Blu's cage was noticeably smaller, forcing her to sit, plump legs spread out to let the many rolls of her stomach settle comfortably. To her great discomfort she was dressed just as skimpily as the others, her fleshy body barely encased by a pale pink (nearly the color of her skin) one-piece swimsuit that had quite a few slits on the sides and front, giving a clear eyeful of her fattest parts. A matching pig ear headband completed the porcine look, along with a squiggly tail that was currently squished under her large behind.

But the worst part of the whole event
by far, was the feeding. Restaurants from all over the state were invited to set up booths and sell their foods, which varied from the greasiest fast food to the healthiest organic vegan fare, which would then be bought by the festival goers to feed their animal of choice. There were certain rules in place that dictated which foods each animal could or could not eat; the Bunny (and other similarly attractive girls), for example, could only be offered the veggie-heavy foods, and they were permitted to refuse any offered foods at any given time.

The rules for the Pig were much different; she could only be offered the fattening junk foods, the greasy pizza loaded with toppings, sizzling hot dogs on a plump white bun, anything fried, you bring it, she'll eat it--because the Pig is NOT allowed to refuse any food, she MUST eat it all.

Fortunately for Blu, so far not many had shown any interest in stuffing her silly. A few people had approached her with popcorn, cotton candy, and some funnel cake, but she hadn't minded, since by that point it had been three hours since breakfast and she had been starving. But the thought of being forced to eat barrels of food, like had happened to past Pigs (allegedly), was not a happy thought to Blu, and she hoped that with the festival already half over, no one would make that attempt. In fact, she seemed to be almost invisible to the crowd.

Unfortunately for her, to the beaming brunette currently playing with her paunch she was the main attraction.

"Awwww, such a nice plump Piggy!" Madison gave her belly a few approving pats. "Sometimes the Pigs they choose barely even qualify as plump! Oh but you are just adorable--the perfect choice!"

"Uh, heh.....thanks?"

Madison gave her a wide smile. "You're very welcome! Now, let's get some food into you. A Piggy's always hungry, after all!"

Oh no. Blu inwardly groaned, but she knew it'd be trouble if she gave any sign of dissent, so all she could do was attempt a smile and touch her fat belly.

"Right, that's me......gotta eat up...."

If Madison noticed the poor enthusiasm she made no comment. She stood up and rushed over to all the junk food booths, and though Blu couldn't hear exactly how much she ordered, from the large wads of cash being given to the grinning vendors she knew it was going to be A LOT, and she grew scared.

Please no troughs, please no troughs, she silently begged. Her prayers would not be answered.

Practically skipping, Madison went back over to the Piggy and pulled a key from her pocket. With a click the door to Blu's cage was unlocked.

"Time for lunch sweet Piggy! Come on out and chow down."

This could only mean one thing: trough time. Blu clutched her belly in fear, not making any move to leave the cage, and Madison tsked and knelt down.

"Either you come out on your own or I get an attendant to yank you out," she warned, the happy sparkle in her eyes becoming a sharp glint.

Gulping, Blu knew she had no choice but to comply. She grabbed the sides of the cage and with a grunt slid all of her bulk out to rest on the grass. Taking a moment to rest from the exertion, she then started struggling to get to her feet, but Madison quickly pushed her down.

"No, no, no, Piggies don't stand," she chastised, putting both hands on the fat girl's plushy shoulders.

"This is how a Piggy eats," she said, before forcing Blu to bend over.

Blu felt humiliated. Bent on all fours, her belly grazed the ground, while her fat rump with its piggy tail was prominently displayed.

The sparkle in Madison's eyes returned. She giggled while playing with the tail and rubbing Blu's backside.

"That's a good Piggy! Look, here comes your food," she announced brightly, standing and stepping back as the vendors carried over the huge quantity of Piggy food.

Blu just hung her head as each of the three troughs were placed around her in a circle. She didn't want to do this, she REALLY didn't want to do this, but it was clear from Madison's earlier reaction that if Piggy didn't follow the rules, she'd just haved the food forced down her throat anyway.

So, with a deep breath, Blu the Piggy dug in.
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Potbellypimp 5 years
Liking the public humiliation element. Hope you write more - we want that helpless piggy stuffed and degraded!
Bradypig 5 years
Please write more, I love this!