Blubber and the beef

chapter 1

Sammy didn't dread going in to work in the morning like most people. She didn't snooze her alarm endlessly and count down the time until her next week off; she enjoyed her job and the people she worked with. She had started as a new graduate recruit six months ago along with a guy called Dean who was the same age. They shared the same sense of humour and passion for their job as the rest of the staff in their department; Sammy wondered if all creative industries were the same.

There was just one problem: over the last few months, Sammy had developed a fairly major crush on her work colleague, Dean. Dean was an incredibly good-looking guy, with a natural style and charm. He was slim and slight, but with a strong, masculine looking face and rugged, brown hair. Sammy had been single since college and put that down to her busy focus on work. However, now things were settling down, she felt ready to start something new. Maybe Dean could be the guy for her?

Sometimes, however, guys were put off by Sammy's height. At 6'3, She towered over most guys, with her long, slender body. Her mother had always called her the 'drain pipe'. She used to pray when she was younger that she would stop growing, but it never worked. Dean was the only guy she knew who was taller than her at work, which made Sammy like him even more.

Some days Sammy would believe that Dean returned her admiring glances, and other days she felt she was fooling herself. What would a guy like Dean see in her? What would it be like if she dated Dean? Sammy felt like she was a teenager again, constantly pining for a guy who might not ever return her feelings. In fact, it wasn't until the staff Christmas party that Sammy finally plucked up her courage, as she drunkenly sat with Dean in the corner, both congratulating each other about how wonderful they were as work colleagues. They had been flirting all night long.

"You're the best friend..." Sammy started, her hands working overtime to express herself, "that I have ever had..."

"And you..." Dean replied, merrily placing his arm around Sammy's shoulders after his tenth beer, "...are the best friend I have ever had too!"

"So we're both the best friends ever!" Sammy cheered, raising her wine. The two smiled, barely focusing correctly on each other when Sammy leaned in a little, focusing on Dean's lips. "Oh man, you're so damn hot..." her mouth spewed out. The next thing, she felt Dean's hand on the back of her head, softly pulling her in to a kiss. Butterflies burst through Sammy' stomach as she kissed Dean in their quiet corner of the room.

"I've wanted to do that for so long!" Dean confessed.
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Pinkbelly 5 years
Ooooooooooooph, that was a good one smiley
Shammyboy 5 years
I'm personally hoping for some turn about or twist, but am still loving it.
Frostxwatcher 5 years
More please let's get her bigger
MangaBL 5 years
Can't wait for more and more!!
FlabbyGirl 5 years
Can't wait for the next chapter, please update soon!!
Pinkbelly 5 years
Theswordsman 5 years
Is he a succubus
Kittykittykitty 5 years
this is rly good and a very unique plot!!!!!
FrecherTyp 5 years
Mhmm.. this is very intriguing and sexy ^^

I hope you write more smiley
Theswordsman 5 years
Something tells me that true loves kiss won't break this curse