Chapter 1 - the good old days

Hannah and Katie were kindred spirits, bound together by more than just friendship. They had discovered, through long, memorable drinking sessions and nights out, that they both had an appreciation for the larger, better-fed man; agreeing that a guy was at his sexiest when he was kept overfed, with a round, fat belly bulging out in front of him.

It didn't take Hannah long to make her move in college, dating a cute second year called Daryl Jackson. "He's so sexy!" she would babble on to Katie. "He's only been in college a year and he already has this amazing little pot belly coming on him!" she marvelled.]

Katie smiled, getting a little turned on as Hannah went on to describe his physique in greater detail; his bubble butt, thicker thighs and budding double chin. "What's his appetite like?" Katie asked with interest.

"Oh..." Hannah smiled, raising her eyebrows with pride, "he's a really greedy guy!" she squeaked. "That's how I met him, standing by the buffet of the athletic union's event. You should have seen the way his greedy mouth was watering just looking at all of the food!" she sighed happily.

Now Katie was definitely turned on thinking about this guy.

"I reckon, with the right amount of encouragement, he could make such a great fat guy!" Hannah went on. "Pamper him, keep him overfed and I could soon get that pot belly bulging..." she giggled happily.

Not long afterwards, Daryl became a regular fixture in Katie's life as Hannah started dating him. Katie had to admit, he was pretty damn hot; a budding starter belly arching under his tight t shirts and a handsome face, just starting to plump up. Hannah would discuss ideas at length with Katie about how best to keep Daryl overfed, insisting that the three of them visit restaurants and get take-out regularly; both of them passing over the food they deliberately hadn't finished so that Daryl could gorge himself.

The results spoke for themselves, as Daryl's starter belly began to round out and surge forward within a matter of months. His ass had gathered a fair bit of extra pudge and Daryl's face looked puffy and bloated. "I told you he would be easy to fatten up!" Hannah boasted, as they both watched him from their seats, standing at the bar ordering more beer. His wider, chubbier ass pressing furiously up against pants which should have been retired 30lbs ago. "How about we take the fat porker to that burger joint before we head home tonight?" she asked with a devious grin.

Daryl got back to the table with his cell phone out in front of him. "Great news!" he smiled. "My little brother, Jack, has just had his application accepted to come here next semester!" he beamed, whilst texting his reply back. "That'll be weird, having him here!" he chuckled at the thought.

The summer flew by and before Katie knew it, she was back in college preparing for her second year. Hannah had stayed with Daryl for a good few weeks over the summer and the results on his waistline were clearly evident, starting his final year in college looking sexier and rounder than ever!

"Katie," Daryl called, with a tall, handsome, slender man by his side, "this is my little brother Jack."

Katie looked at him, realising that Jack looked nothing like his chubbier older brother. He was slim and athletic-looking, which Daryl no longer was, thanks to Hannah and Katie.

"Nice to meet you," Katie smiled, taking the handsome boy's hand and shaking it politely; getting the odd sense that Jack might be in to her. He was certainly looking at her strangely.
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This story is now completed. It ended the way I had always intended it to. I always write every chapter of my stories before I begin posting and I'm glad that many of you enjoyed the ending.
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Great story. Thank you. More ?
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I'm loving where this is going!
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Damn Good! Do you have any plans for Hannah? The thought of All four being fat is titillating
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hehe hot story and smart move with the blackmailing smiley
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Incredibe writing. This just gets better and better!
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continues the story is very good, looking forward to the next chapters.
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So awesome!
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Magnificent. Like Every story you write