Chapter 1 - confession

Amy passed over the picture of herself to the girl. It was one of her favourites; Matt and herself at the beach during Spring break back during college. Matt looked as hot as ever with his built chest and handsome face, but even Amy was looking good back then. The evening light had seemed to pick up the muscles on her flat stomach perfectly, and the way Matt was clutching her for the picture showed just how much the pair were crazy about each other.

"That was me, five years ago," Amy explained. "That's my husband, Matt," she continued, pointing out the people in the photograph.

"I see," the girl nodded. "So you want your ex to fall back in love with you?" she asked.

"He's not my ex," Amy replied. "We're still together."

"Oh," the girl frowned. "So what do you need me for?"

Amy sighed before she began. It was embarrassing to explain. She wasn't accustomed to talking about this stuff to people she didn't know. "It's just not the same anymore," she began. "Back then..." she continued, pointing to the picture that was still in the girl's hand, "...Matt couldn't keep his hands off me." She cringed in the harsh stare of the girl, staring directly at her as she spoke. "But now, we can go weeks without sex. Months even!"

"I see..." the girl nodded. "And why do you think that is?"

Amy knew the problem. She was always punching above her weight when it came to Matt; he had been the most attractive guy on campus: tall, toned and naturally handsome. Amy had been a good-looking girl herself back then; but now her body didn't seem to appeal to Matt in the same way. "Well..." Amy squirmed, "...I've put on a bit of weight since that picture." The girl looked at her, unmoved. She was clearly not surprised at the admission, 40lbs wasn't a discreet amount of weight to gain.

"Have you tried to lose some weight?" she asked, a little rudely considering how openly embarrassed Amy was.

"I'm not very good at dieting," Amy replied, watching the girl immediately roll her eyes. It was a rubbish excuse, she knew that; but dieting and exercise really were hard when you had a cosy office job, sat on your backside all day.

"So you just thought you'd come to me instead?" Heather snapped, making Amy very aware that she didn't really like her.

Amy had learned about Heather through someone at work. New in town, she was a bit of a loner, accepting cash for supposed spells of magic. Amy wouldn't have bothered at all if it hadn't been for her work colleague's unending praise of her a couple of weeks ago. She thought about her stale relationship with Matt and wondered whether Heather could help her make Matt fall in love with her again. That was why she was here. It was hard to keep the passion in a long-term relationship, but Matt hardly seemed interest in her at all. If anything, he seemed slightly repulsed by the extra weight Amy had gained. Maybe things would be a little different if Amy carried it better. She had developed something of an odd shape. Her ass had bloated disproportionately to the rest of her body, sticking out behind her like two plump cushions, forcing her into bigger pants which dwarfed the clothes Matt wore. She was the living definition of a pear drop. Although her toned stomach was long gone, Amy's pot belly was comparatively small compared to her heavy rear and the large breasts that had blossomed were more cumbersome than she had anticipated after all those years of longing to be able to wear a larger bra size; Matt hardly seemed all that interested in them either.

Maybe Heather was right; she really should have made more of an effort to diet. Matt had said it to her many times; he was even paying for a gym subscription for them both, which Amy never used.

Heather sighed. "Well, you don't need your husband to fall in love you," she pondered. "If he's stuck with you this long, he's definitely in love with you still."

"But he doesn't want to touch me!" Amy moaned, realising that she might be sent away without anything at all. "Maybe if you could do something to help me lose weight..." she hinted.

"I can't see that lasting," Heather replied drily. She sat there, as if deciding whether to help Amy or not. "He may not need to fall in love with you, but I could always help him fall in lust?" she offered.

"So he would want to sleep with me again?" Amy asked hopefully.

"He wouldn't be able to keep his hands off you," Heather nodded, still gazing at her appraisingly, wondering whether Amy was even worth her help.

"I'll take it!" Amy nodded keenly.

"It's going to cost you..." Heather smiled wickedly, now ready to watch Amy really squirm.
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Interesting story, but I think it would be interesting if there were two twists. The third bottle would restore his desire for her to be fatter, but also for him to be fatter. Her lesson would be her desiring to not get fatter, while her horny husband was
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Very well written and sexy.
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Is this the end? What about a Nineteen-Years-Later-Chapter like in Harry Potter (but one year would probably enough)? Is there any hope for an epilogue?
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This is the best ending to a story you’ve written absolutely perfect well done.
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2 more chapters to go.
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Well that’s a sad ending.. I hope it’s not the end.. it was getting good
BlissfullyAware 4 years
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