Can't stop packing on the pounds.

chapter 1

I love food. It's so comforting, just mindlessly eating like a cow, not thinking anything of it. I'm an extremely picky eater, I hate vegetables, fruits, anything healthy. I was always slimmer, had some curves, and looked good, until after I stopped paying attention.

I got more lazy, constantly eating out, fast food, pizzas, and if I did eat at home it was always deep fried something! The weight crept up on me. I never noticed until I stepped on a scale and it read 160lbs. I was so use to being 125lbs.

I was in utter shock, but hell, all I did was eat. I didn't want to think I was getting bigger, when I looked in the mirror I saw my old self. Not the gaining girl who was really there. The one who's ass jutted out further, almost impossible to fit jeans over. Stretching out my yoga pants to the max. My massive thighs, constantly rubbing together, causing the seams on the inner thighs to rip open.

My tits spill out of my bras, and my back fat spills out from the straps. My curves have packed on a lot of fat. My love handles soft and jiggly. But my stomach? It hangs over my panties, and when I sit down it covers my poor pussy completely. I'm disgusted.

My family is constantly pointing it out, telling me how much I've gained. How none of my size small clothes fit my extra large frame. Being only 5'1, every pound I gain is noticeable. I hate it, constantly gaining wait when, even when I'm trying to stop, but nothing can break the bond I have with food.

I can lose myself to the thought of just eating, I want to eat until my stomach is stretched out, bloated from the pain. Because I'm a pig, and eating is what I love doing. I'm ruining my body, but I love food too much to quit it.

Eventually I'm going to need new clothes. Every pair of pants I have barely fit over my humongous ass. My panties get lost in between my cheeks. My belly pokes out of my shirts. I'm constantly self conscious around my boyfriend, especially during sex.

My belly is constantly jiggling when he's ***ing me, my ass jiggles, my huge thighs slap together. My tits flop around. I'm disgusted by my fat body.
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Supercode 1 year
I hope you find a way to be happy. Either by learning to control your appetite, or to love your body, regardless of its size.
Bbwamore 7 years
Sorry you're unhappy.
Touchofgrey 7 years
I'm certain your boyfriend loves watching everything on you jiggle in bed. He probably thinks to himself "...damn, she's looking huge tonight" and commences to fuck the shit out of you.smiley
QuebecFA 7 years
This is such a sexy story! Keep eating and keep getting fatter and fatter! :-)
Badhansel 7 years
I'd be curious to hear how you'd feel if you just gave in to the delight of eating for a month or two. But tell me, does feeling disgusted with yourself turn you on?
Humiliateme2 7 years
Perfect description of my life...
Jazzman 7 years
This is a pretty good story. Very realistic because of being your real life. Your real life conflict gives a real edge to the story.
CurvyQueen 7 years
Yes, it's a true story.