Changeable ryan

chapter 1 - new roommates

At the time Joshua Leblanc and Luke Preston graduated as masters they had been roommates for almost two years. During these years they had become close friends and while none of both had a relationship they decided to live together for the upcoming period. Both being graduated financial professionals, both being 25 years of age, they started working and building a decent civilian life.
Luke was quite an average guy, normal build, 5'10 tall and 163 lbs. His looks were above standard though; with brown hair and grey eyes and a remarkable boyish look. Nevertheless he had always preferred Joshua's looks who was 6'2 at 195 lbs. He wasn't quite muscular but had that great build mother nature had given him. Although Joshua knew about Luke being gay, he never made a point out of it, and while they knew each other so well they could openly talk about anything. Being gay didn't bother Luke that much and he barely mentioned it. Most other people didn't even notice.

Joshua was a bit afraid he wouldn't find a job at first. While Luke was guaranteed to get a job at his family's large firm called Preston Assurance Inc. If Josh would have wanted he could apply there as well, but he didn't. Without ever mentioning it Josh knew Luke would never have to worry about financial issues while his family was loaded. If he wasn't such a dedicated boy he might have lived a live without ever working at all. Luke tried to keep these privileges well hidden.
However when they were looking for a place to live, Luke's uncle Matt offered them a great apartment. It was situated in a small abandoned apartment block downtown. It was awaiting a mayor makeover, and in order to convince new tenants and investors, the model-apartment was just finished. It was on the second floor along a nice shopping street surrounded by boutiques and tiny restaurants. The ground floor consisted of a large empty space for a company. Their entrance led through a storage space on the backside of the building. For security reasons uncle Matt was very pleased to let his nephew live here so they hardly had to pay any rent. Although they weren't sure for how long this temporary situation could be, it was an offer they just couldn't refuse. It was a welcoming way to bridge the period of getting used to working life.
Once they had settled in they soon discovered the comforting properties of the apartment like the luxury kitchen and lounge, the balcony terrace and; they even had a Jacuzzi.
After a month or so, they were having beers and started talking about their first month. They had enjoyed it greatly and were celebrating their success. Later that night they went to the Jacuzzi, and that's when Luke saw Josh undressing. L: hey, Josh, getting kinda chubby there don't ya? Josh who thought Luke was just teasing said something back in defense, but then touched his abdomen and felt there was indeed a slight layer of pudge developing around his middle.
J; "nah, nothing to worry about. We've just started an entirely new period in our lives. Soon we could start going to the gym, and then I'll work it off in no-time." They agreed to get a gym membership.
Another month had gone by when Joshua's parents called. Joshua didn't talk to them or visit them very often. They lived a few states away, and he was very satisfied he had managed to get off the Leblancs regime. His father had been a U.S. navy officer. But honestly he was some kind of lieutenant commander in their household as well. Everything off standard was considered wrong or unnecessary. Ryan, Joshua's younger brother still lived with them, and didn't seem to have had the guts to escape yet. Something that would most likely happen very soon.

After seriously criticizing his youngest son, Mr Leblanc told Joshua his habits would have to change, and that he moved Ryan to follow a similar path like Joshua. Ryan would have to pick up studying and mr. Leblanc was convinced it would be best for him to move out. On the other hand He didn't want to let Ryan go without any supervision and that's where Joshua came in.
He proposed that Ryan would be moving in with Joshua so he could keep an eye on him. Despite the fact that Joshua liked his younger brother and cared about him, he wasn't completely enthusiastic about the idea at first.
After hanging up, he talked it all over with Luke. Luke understood what Josh meant, but didn't bother having to share their large apartment with another Leblanc. The longer Josh thought about it the better he liked the idea of being reunited with his sibling. He called his dad to confirm and arrange everything. Mr. Leblanc mentioned how Ryan should be taken care of; "don't be too soft towards that lazy piece of ..., make sure he studies well, make sure he eats well; may that scrawny beanstalk finally get some meat on his bones".
A week later we went to the airport to pick up Ryan. At the gate Luke immediately saw what mr. Leblanc had meant; Ryan stood an amazing 6'7 but to his estimation he couldn't have weighed more than is much shorter brother at 195, which was not quite much for someone that tall.
Beside his gangly frame Ryan was true eye candy to Luke. Ryan had dark blonde hair and amazing light blue eyes, combined with a strong jaw and his silky smooth tanned skin.
On their way back the Leblanc boys talked about their restrictive father and about how life would become now that they were both free to choose. To Luke Ryan was far more shy, he said nothing but the necessary.
When Ryan had settled Josh and Luke came to occur what mr. Leblanc had meant with; 'lazy'. Ryan took advantage of everything in the house but never helped and kept gaming or chilling whenever household tasks had to be done. Josh and Luke had agreed to let him get used to his new environment instead of bothering him immediately.
Ryan sat on the couch, gaming or snacking, hardly talking to the guys. The start of his first semester was still a month away and he didn't seem to mind much. Apart from being lazy Ryan had a lot in common with his father. He was narrow minded considering social minorities like gays and constantly ranted mostly about fags and queers.
Josh promised to Luke he would talk about this with Ryan, and that's where some of his up breeding tasks began. Ryan didn't care much though. Neither did he bother about the comments on his eating behavior Josh had made. Josh told him he wasn't exactly living the healthy live.
R: I'm skinny as hell so why would anyone mind.
After his first semester started Ryan was a little less rebellious. He secretly liked the way both Joshua and Luke tried to take him as a friend. Those hard working roomies weren't so bad after all. Luke always did the grocery shopping and made sure their little household would be well stocked. Ryan had heard Josh and Luke talk about the gay comments, and tried to explain to Luke why he acted so harsh about it. Even though he didn't understand Ryan's arguments completely he accepted the way they respected each other's stances. Ryan wasn't one to stride with.
While talking to Ryan, Luke's attention went to his physique for a split second. He looked at the tall guy who was lying on the couch again, thinking that he might have gained some weight. Or was it just his imagination?
A few weeks later this was confirmed; when Luke came home Ryan was asleep in the recliner, shirt slightly riding up his somewhat bigger midsection. Ryan had become accustomed to Luke's great cooking and the constant availability of food without his old man watching everything.
That night Ryan ate without hesitation, when he went for thirds Joshua mentioned that he was happy to see his brother finally having a healthy appetite. Somewhat proud Ryan told them he had gained around 18 pounds already since he lived here. "bringing me at 215" he said. Luke and Josh talked about their gym achievements, triggering Ryan to get along.
Ryan who basically had a similar nice natural physique like his brother was destined to get muscular quite fast. Soon he went to the gym more often than the other boys did. He trained well and found it a nice counterpart besides his studying. Knowing that he still ate more than enough, and having the profits of a beginner, cute 'little' Ryan grew like a weed.
Having the king meals they were getting used to, the guys had gained 6 pounds each in the two following months, apart from Ryan who had gained another whopping 20 pounds.
He slapped his gut when Luke said something about it. It was mainly fat he had gained, but his back arms and shoulders had become definitely larger as well. At 235 tall Ryan had developed a more natural form. He saw Luke looking at him saying; "It looks good on you man". To shake him off Ryan immediately made another gay unfriendly comment again; "nothing for fags like you to look at here."
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