Chicken tendy's for me baby

chapter 1-eat this lard

Feliza was up to her usual shit, walking down the street and flashing her pussy at the unsuspecting elderly as they power walked by with their lavender sweat bands and scuffed walkman's.
"Hey combover, wanna fill my *** with chicklets and have me fart them into your mouth, one by one?" Feliza shouted at old man McCalistar. He sighed a spirits echo from deep in his chest.
Feliza looked up and the sun caught the thick jawline, ejaculating light from the amber prickles of one day's growth. She squeaked out a fart and smiled coyly. He inhaled deeply and licked his lucious, chapped lips, "what's your name?"
She cleared her throat, her clenched butt cheeks rattling out another lyric.
"Sorry, pleasure to meet ye," she spoke. Her voice was deep, resonating from what sounded like miles in her throat. Almost like Barry white.
"The name is Norman," he said as he nonchalantly rubbed the faint arching crescent of his stomach.

"I got a fur burger for ye, but I'd like to take ye to dinner," she churtled.

-six months later-

"My cherub, I'm so sorry I missed dinner. I was just at the gym, I've been trying to lose some weight for you," Norman moaned. Shifting uncomfortably in his almost skin tight gym shorts. The elastic waist band dug into the modest gut he had somehow grown over the last few months. Feliza scrunched her face until her lips resembled an agitated butthole.

"Babyclumps, you know I hate wasting food, can you just sit down and eat? It's healthy I promise." She pouted with her buttholey face, freckles resembling specks of waste. He sat down at the table and looked at his plate. A triple cheeseburger, with extra cheese, a mound of cheese fries, a mound of macaroni and cheese, and three rolls soggy with butter. His stomach rumbled, but his head tried to say no.
"Honey, I can't eat all this."
She crawled under the table like a slow loris, bumping her head as she clawed her way forward to where he sat. She pulled down his shorts and began to massage his penis with her mouth, running the gap where her canine had once been over the very tip of his penis. He began to grunt like a hog, resting his hands on his gut, tracing the stretch marks with his finger tips. She then stopped and looked up over the curve of his midsection, "eat it or I won't finish. If ye don't eat it, I won't *** ye," she said in her thick cockney bellow. He thrust the burger into his mouth, chomping feverishly. Throwing etiquette to the wind Norman began shoveling food into his mouth with his bare hands. He needed that hairy coin purse wrapped around his cock right now, he would do anything.
During coitus she frowned at his stomach, wishing for more to squeeze. She knew that if she wanted him fatter then it had to be a secret. He couldn't know. She began mixing weight gain protein into his oatmeal, the new "leaner" breakfast that Norman had hoped would make a new leaner Norm. The protein powder had 1200 calories. Norm at first thought he was losing weight, but the familiar cut of denim into his stomach nagged at him. His stretch marks began to stretch down his expanding stomach, his navel came out deep, a tunnel to heaven, but with lint.
"I want to start taking a protein shake for lunch," Norm said confidently. "I'm not sure why I've gained so much weight," he said shyly as he shook his stomach playfully. 30lbs that she had devotedly packed onto her boyfriend danced and rippled for Feliza. Normally his weight loss pursuits stressed out Feliza. She knew that if she could squeeze another 50lbs onto his somehow still pert stomach, then he might just stop working out completely.
"I'll go pick it up for you babyclumps," Feliza offered. Norman smiled and thanked her.
Feliza bought two protein powders, another packed full of calories, and one with only two hundred calories. When she got home she dumped the lower calorie protein into an extra flower jar, she would add it to all of his dishes. She then filled the empty container with the protein that had 1200 calories. She made him his shakes every day, and his breakfast. She doubled her use of butter and started using heavy cream instead of milk. Norman was blowing up and couldn't understand why. His breakfast and lunch combined were only 300 calories, or so he thought. In reality, he was consuming 5000 calories a day on average, and he was only getting hungrier. His stomach started to stretch and swell like a condom filled with water. His growing gut popped his shirts up, and showed where his body had began to overlap.
After a month of this Norm was sitting on the shrinking couch, spilling out of his boxers. His food stained button down shirt strained under the expanse of his soft, growing body. Feliza picked lint out of the thick, Brillo Forrest of her pussy. She ran her hand over the barrel of his gut and moaned.
To be continued
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GrowingLoveH... 8 months
I’d love to read more if your writing. This is just beautifully and wildly erotic.
Growingsofter 8 years
So hot. You rock.
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That was
Thelurkers 8 years
I plan on writing another chapter today smiley
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh please more ^^ ;-)

i like your story and her seductive ways to fatten him up ;-)
FrecherTyp 8 years
oh what a sexy start and i like the smart girl ^^ hmm would be sure hot to see how she watches him sercretely how he deserately tries to work out and even uses her wii fit to get in shape only jiggling and not even matching her performance he so laughed a