Comfort eating

chapter 1

Comfort Eating

I now pronounce you man and wife. *applause*. I was the happiest man in the world finally married to the most beautiful woman ever. The after party is gonna be great.

9 hours later...

It was 2 in the morning. The after party was still going and I was very drunk. I was painfully full and my stomach normally flat with 6 pack abs was trying its damned hardest to escape my slim fit top I had worn to my wedding. I decided to call it a night and me and Melanie went up to the hotel room we were staying in. I immediately stripped off to my boxers. The shirt buttons were stretched so far they were quite a struggle to undo. My trouser button I had to lay down on the bed to undo because the button wouldn't budge when I was standing. When I had finally escaped my clothes I walked into the bathroom, as you walked in there was worktop with a sink in on the left wall floor to ceiling mirrors on the back wall a huge corner bath on the back wall ant the right wall and a toilet on next to the door on the right wall I went to the toilet and went to wash my hands. As I was washing them I jumped out of my skin thinking someone was in the bathroom with me but no it was just my reflection in the mirror. I kept looking at myself for a moment and them my eyes drifted to the rest of my body which was bending over the sink. "WOW!!!" I souted. My belly was so bloated it stuck out a good 3-4 inches and folded over my black calvin klein boxers. I dried my hands and hurried back over to the mirror. I brushed my hand over my bloated stomach just to make sure it was real. "yep" I muttered "that's all me" I looked at myself from different angles, squeezing, poking, prodding lifting, dropping, patting and stroking my belly. I was amazed to find that I really liked the way I looked. I looked fat. My lower self was stirring and in my drunken state I decided I wanted it to be bigger.... Now!! I quickly changed into a t-shirt and jeans. The jeans were tight and so was the shirt but at least they almost fit. I walked down to the 24hr restaurant in the hotel and ordered a starter a main and a pudding to come one after the other as I finished the other. Ordered BBQ chicken for my starter, a full roast dinner for the main and super chocolate fudge cake extreme. As soon as the BBQ chicken arrived I new I had made a mistake... there was 2 large breasts, 2 large wings and 2 large legs. So basically an entire chicken. I managed to get that down with some difficulty as I was already quite stuffed. When the main came my eyes nearly fell out of my head. There was a huge mound of mashed potato, yet more chicken, 3 yorkshire puddings, 3 mountains of vegetables and it was all swimming in a thick gravy. I started on the yorkshire puddings which went down quite easy, next was the potato which got so difficult that towards the end I began to sweat then I ate the chicken my stomach was painfully stretched and was now sat heavily on my lap. I got the vegetables down without too much more difficulty and I was done. Next was the super chocolate fudge cake extreme that was plonked down infront of me in a big bowl. It had about a quarter of a cake on with 6 scoops of chocolate ice cream, 1 inch x 1 inch chocolate fudge brownies sprinkled around the plate and it was all drowned in a hot fudge sauce. I slowly packed it all into my already tightly packed stomach. 1 hour and 30 mins later I had done and I felt sick. I decided it was time to go back to the hotel room and look in the big mirrors. As I got up my shirt I had been pulling down for the entire meal rode all the way up to the top of my belly which was huge now. Luckily there was nobody there because I was quite a sight. I waddled out as fast as my aching belly would allow. I went into the bathroom and gave myself a good look over. I was so much bigger, I looked from different angles and even went and sat on the toilet to see how far into my lap it went (to the bottom of the zip) I started feeling my stomach and was getting hard again. After about 15 minutes of doing this I went to bed which was the worst mistake ever.

I woke up and looked at the time 17:42 F@!£ I over slept big time. I went into the bathroom and did the 3 things every man has to do.... the 3 SSS S£$% shower shave. And came back in I couldn't remember what happened last night. My stomach had returned back to what seemed to be but my clothes were quite tight but nevermind my body wasn't used to eating fast foods and normal foods it was used to dieting and eating like a rabbit. But in the run up to the wedding we didn't have much time I hadnt seen melanie for 2 weeks before the wedding because she had stayed at her sisters so she got decent food I on the other hand wasnt taught how to cook and after a day I was getting fed up of just toast so I started living off takeaways for all of my meals, i had noticed I was gaining weight but I didnt think it would affect my clothes we were leaving to go on our honeymoon at 3 am tomorrow morning on a week cruise. I decided I was going to lay back, relax and enjoy myself eat and drink what and how much of it I want and then when I get home weigh myself and diet my way back down to my normal weight which for my height which is 6ft 4 my weight should be about 13st but I was 13st 7 which was ok for me because of my muscular build. But I knew id passed that now and was probably at least 14st if not further but no. I decided to have a good time so im going to have a good time.

9 hours later we were on the boat I was starving and searching for a food place the boat was huge it had shopping centre on the boat which had fast food chains including; mcdonalds, kfc, chinese takeaway, indian takeaway and a few others ... 'why?' I thought when there was a perfectly good restaurant I did think it was weird that the fast food places were packed but the restaurant was empty. We decided to try the restaurant. We sat down and asked for a menu and I couldnt believe it! It was all sea food I hated sea food and was allergic to it too. I told melanie to enjoy her meal and id meet her after mine. As I was walking to kfc I was thinking 2 things why did they expect you to eat seafood for breakfast lunch and dinner and anything in between and the 2nd thing was what shall I get from kfc.

I got to kfc and ordered the family bucket which I sat in the corner of the restaurant and ate. Once done I ordered 2 ice creams and ate them on the way back to see melanie. As the week went on I began to eat more and more enjoying the stuffed feeling and because my stomach was stretching out at a rapid rate I had to get more food each time, I also in the last 3 days started eating a lot between meals craving the stuffed feeling I enjoyed so much.

We arrived home and melanie asked me to sit down at the table. She wanted to talk to me about something that was bothering her. "Adam, over the past 3 weeks ive noticed a little difference in your getting fat and I dont like it please can you lose weight?" I told her "i know its just weve been so busy I havent been to the gym and the 2 weeks before the wedding werent great because you went away and I dont know how to cook so I lived off takeaways and then there was nothing on the cruise but takeaways that I could eat, so lets be honest with each other it was going to happen im going to lose the weight but it will take a while because it is more difficult to lose the weight than it is to gain it but it will go".

That night I stepped on the scale it read 14st6 a gain of 13lbs id keep them but I cant. I went to sleep last night and dreamed that melanie was force feeding me cake, ice cream, syrup and then she ran out and we both laid on the bed rubbing my belly that was at least 6 times the size it is now. Then I got woken up to my gym stuff landing on the bed (I was a light sleeper). Hiya honey ive just rung up the gym and they said that you can have a personal trainer for a month on your current plan for only £20 so I bought one it starts in an hour. "great thanks mel" I said as genuinely as I could.

A week later I stepped on the scale 14st10 it read 4 more lbs I was secretly happy but mel wouldnt approve. I was a little bit sad that I had gained though I really had been putting a lot of effort into the gym, its just a shame ive been putting about the same effort in at kfc and mcdonalds.

A month later I had gained another 17lbs I now weighed 15st13 and melanie was not happy with me she acted like she wasnt bothered but our sex life was non-existent and she got annoyed when I ate. I wasn't overly bothered though I wasnt a sex addict and the arguments about what I was eating were only petty and meant nothing. I was beginning to think she was embarrassed to be with me.

Another month passed and I was now 18 lbs heavier. The scales informed me that I was 17st3 its no wonder really, I basically lived off fast food this month as I was working longer hours because it was busy my work hours that were normally 9-5 turned into 9-9 so I woke up went to mcdonalds for breakfast, 2 footlong subways for lunch and kfc for dinner and several donuts between them. I realised now that I was embarrassing melanie and she was worried about her public image being ruined because of me. I decided that I wasnt going to lose any weight I was going to really try and put lots of weight on I wasnt overly fussed about the weight I never really gave it a thought but I knew I wasnt going to take her sniping I was really beginning to think that getting married to melanie was a mistake.

6 months later I was 63 lbs heavier at 21st7 I had a huge belly an my arms were massive I kept up the weights and my stomach still wobbled a bit but not as much as if I hadnt been weight lifting. Walking around was still easy and when I sat down my belly was halfway down my legs. I wasnt giving up though, not until she apologised for being so rude about my weight.
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