Competitive sisters

chapter 1

Rita and I had been married for about six months. She's a great gal. About five foot four, curvy, very affectionate, with dark Italian eyes and hair. We live on the north side of town, which is about an hour away from her sister and husband on the south side. Carli and Ted. Carli is a couple of years older than Rita, with similar looks. She and her husband have been married for about two years or so. Carli and Rita are from a traditional Italian family. They believe in lots of love and lots of good food.

It was Friday night, and we were visiting Carli and Ted. Carli had fixed a great Italian dinner that night. Ravioli, garlic bread, salad, and cannoli for dessert. We washed it down with a good Chianti. It was easy to see why Ted had a bit of a belly on him, the way Carli cooked. Good food and lots of it.

Dinner was over, and we were sitting on the sectional sofa, relaxing after the heavy meal. With more Chianti. Carli spoke up. "Rita, look at your poor husband. You two have been married for six months, and he's still thin as a rail. Don't you ever feed him?"

I could tell that this got under Rita's skin. She had told me many times about how much her older sister liked to needle her. "I feed John just fine. He just likes to keep in shape is all."

Carli wasn't letting it go. "Well, you can always tell when a wife is taking good care of her husband. It shows on him." She had her hand on Ted's belly, gently rubbing it to draw attention. "I'm not saying you're not a good wife, sis, but John looks like the only time he gets a decent meal is when you two come over here."

"Just because John isn't getting fat doesn't mean I don't take good care of him, right John?"

This was my cue to be the good husband, and I knew not to mess it up. "You take great care of me, sweetheart. I couldn't be happier."

Carli smiled and wicked smile and said, "You're a good husband, John. I know you wouldn't say anything bad about Rita in front of her."

I'm sure that to Carli, this was just normal teasing between sisters. But I could tell that Rita wasn't liking it at all. While Rita wanted to be a good wife to me, she was her own person and proud of it. But anytime her sister even hinted that she could something, anything, better than Rita, it got to her. Tonight Carli got to her bad, and I knew this wouldn't be the end of it. I got an earful on the drive home.
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Td0057 2 years
I'm enjoying rereading this again. Great job.
Nibler 2 years
wonderful story smiley keep up the great work
Stevita 2 years
Adorable story!
Fatforfun 8 years
Thanks for the compliments. Especially from a fellow storyteller.
Hurgon 8 years
This is as epic as one of Rita's dinners! Right up my street.