By Specky83

chapter 1


"Cornelia?", I asked, "have you seen our last meeting's copies?", No? 'Cornelia', a name as simple as if she was just called 'boredom'. Just a little bit later this day I would know better, but so far she was just the most unimpressive of all colleagues in this department. Cornelia, the system administrator. Most people forgot her even before they´ve got to know her. The unbelievably pale figure, hidden under clothes either too long or too wide. Mostly of undefinable colour. The girl we just forgot afterwards, each time she repared our computers, made our printers run again or anything else. "The printer is out of ink, can you call the system admin, you know, ah, what´s 'er name again??? Underneath these baggy clothes must have been an extraordinary skinny little girl. I wouldn´t even call her beautiful, no, not really. Some of our meaner colleagues joked: Probably she´s going to vomit each meal, each grain of rice, haha. Most others treated her rather with charity than with real respect. Actually their charity was anything else than respect. Maybe they felt just sorry for her, that pityful little girl. I asked her again for the copies, honestly not knowing why, I wouldn´t read them anyway. "Cornelia?", again. She looked down as she did so everytime you spoke to her. But is it only me, who realizes that spark in her gaze every time? That slight glance when she focusses on me? I´ve had this strange feeling, she was exmining me secretely and I never knew why. Or do I just phantasize? Is it the feeling of her eyes on my back that made me come again and again into her office, as I did this day, again? The copies. She stood up and came around her desk. This time she raised her head and looked me directly into the eyes. Directly, icy, mean. She let me stand there an walked around me to the copier behind me without saying a word. Just a contemptible grin for my covert request. I turned around, the fresh copies fell off her hands on the floor. We watched them simultaneously on the grey carpet, then each other. Again this direct, icy look. "Pick ´em up!" she ordered. And I did so, unable to resist. "Good boy!"

I returned back to my desk in my office. Still confused I put the sheets next to me and forgot them immediately and got lost in my work for this day. I didn´t get my eyes of the screen for hours. Looking up, I realized, it was already dark and I guess I´d be one of the last ones here. Time to finish, hum? I shut down the computer and stood up, ready to go as my eyes fell on Cornelia's copies of this morning. I took them without an idea what do with them. Man, what are you into, hum? Indecisively I turned the pages. One of the pages among them was handwritten. I recognized Cornelia's handwriting immediately: "I know what you want. Come to my office. C." What the ..., I thought, but I was already on my way down the hall. I felt a little heartbeat as I tried to hurry my steps. Did I miss her? What the hell could she mean? And I stopped for a moment: Just wait a minute, it´s Cornelia. It´s got to be something boring, it´s her, something about my accounts, my printer or anything - it´s Cornelia! We don´t even know if she´s got something like a sexuality at all! And this invention is just a awkward way to tell me. And awkwardly I knocked at her door. It seemed, I was been driven to move on by anything unknown. I must have finished the way to her office, obviously much faster than I could have finished thinking about it. Knock-Knock. Silence, just silence except my heavy breath. Felt like hours until I heard this sharp voice shouting "come in!". I must have had a weird foolish look in my eyes as I entered the room and stammered something like "you, ah, you have...", because she started loughing out loud. "Good Boy, Haha!" And she showed me a broad grin between her angular cheekbones. "You know now, that I know what you want. I know it exactly, my friend." I tried a smile. She stood up and giggled more friendly, now. She came closer to me, touching me a bit, and with an ice-breaking warmth in her voice she asked me: "Why don´t you come to my place, this eve, I´ll make us some dinner." "Is this a date?" She began giggling again, examining my body from head to toe. She stopped and turned a bit more casual, like an old buddy: "C´mon, it´s friday..." and "I won´t kill you". I was charmed, a bit excited. I had a date! And I smiled and agreed. Quickly she went back to her desk, took a post-it and wrote something on it. "This is my address. Let´s say, 8 o´ clock, tonight?" "Fine", I nodded with a smile. She nodded, too,"don´t be late" and as she turned around "okay?!?"

And so I did. I was not a second too late as I rang the bell at her home. An unmarkable house in a likewise suburb. A two-story white house among others. Nevertheless I had no clue how she could afford that area?!? She opened the door and stood there smiling, "ah, on time... good boy!" She made me come in and helped me out of my jacket. Again she came a bit closer than just accidentally. "Come in, that´s my castle". The furniture, the kitchen, everything here looked much more expensive than I had imagined. How could she afford all that with her income? She must be quite wealthy, yet, if she hasn´t got a sugar-daddy... "Yes, I know" she said. "I know, what you think, but I´ve inherited something, more or less enough, I´d say. My work´s just for fun..." Impressive... . But the much more impressive was herself, our grey little system administrator had changed into a self-concious lady, that seemed to know exactly what she wanted to. And it seemed, she got it! None of her brown, grey baggy clothes anymore. She wore a tight black top, as expensive as sexy. Skintight, I could see her hard bones under the cloth, her razor-blade hips. And these two little peaks, even smaller than mine. Her otherwise wild and open hair bound severely together, now. "Have a seat!" I sat down and immediately she served me. " I hope you like it!" "Sure", I answered. It looked rich and heavy. I must have been hours as I came clear. I felt so stuffed, that´s what I thought. I must have lost track of time. She was amazing, charming, and I didn´t really realize time pass by as we talked and talked until my stomach interrupted us. She had just refilled the plates, no my plates, every time, I had finished. Without realizing it, I´ve eaten more than I would normally. "Puh, I feel stuffed, now" I felt hot and my swollen gut ached. "Best time for a dessert", she laughed. Then she stood up, came around and climbed on my lap. Her bony fingers moved up and down massaging my breast, her lips cam closer and closer to mine, slowly. Then she pushed her tongue into my mouth and kissed me, passionate, almost violently. I was in trouble to breathe and my swollen belly moaned as she pressed against me. "Guess, you need some relief, hum?". She grinned and caressed my belly more roughly than carefully. With an evil smile she opened my belt and stood up from me. "C´mon, get up, my little glutton". I stood up as careful as neccessary but she had already grabbed me and pushed me forward to the next room. The bedroom ... "Make yourself comfortable", she told me and pointed on the luxury double-sized bed. Again, she surprised me. "Sex" was mostly a girl, lying stiff under me, waiting until its over, the mm-mms and uh-ahs rather polite than honest. But, how come?, this tiny little girl became kind of a vamp, passionately, precise she untied my clothes, pressed me down into the pillows and rode me, her fingernails drilling achingly into my flesh. She rode me , almost violently. No, actually she raped me.
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