chapter 1

Nadya stared out the window of the bus on her way home from work. She was tired. Her boss had yelled at her again today and she hadn't known what to do. She hated her job. She was going to quit tomorrow. "I don't care if I'm homeless." She thought to herself. Her parents had kicked her out as soon as she turned 18. She had found a little apartment and since she'd mostly taken care of herself anyway, already had a supporting job. Her parents gave her nothing. They hated her. Why? Well her father never liked her. She was a burden and just another mouth to feed. Her mother despised her because she never excelled in her academics, nor her school sports. She was an average student, not a socialite, and never made it past a sports tryout. This aggravated her mother as she had been the high school prom queen, top of her class, and the team captain in every sport at least once. She was slim, blonde, and model material. Nadya on the other hand was not. Due to her lack of exercise she had a layer of fat on her body. She wasn't obese or anything just very chubby. At 19years old, 5'0", and 140 lbs she was overweight but by no means obese. Her mother thought otherwise.
Nadya stepped off the bus and yanked her to small work uniform over her judge. She checked her mail and looked through it as she locked her door behind her. There was a letter from a lawyer? She opened it. She couldn't believe what she was reading. Her grandfather, who had known about her struggles, had died leaving her with his fortune. The money had already been transferred to her bank account and she was set for at least 50 years or more especially since he had shares and as long as she checked those she could be set for life. Nadya hurried to find her cell, called her boss, and quit her job. He yelled over the phone saying she couldn't do that and she yelled back telling him to suck it. She hung up and spun around. She was so happy.
There was a knock at her door. She opened it only to find her mother standing there. She smiled her big pearly smile and stepped into give nadya a strained hug. "Hello baby. How are you? I just dropped by to say hello. See how you were. Do you need anything?" Nadya shook her head looking at her suspiciously. "That's good. Now I just wanted to say if you ever need anything...." Nadya inturupted. " mom. Get out." "Wha...what?" She stuttered confused. " I know you know that I just inherited your father's fortune. Get out of my house." Her mother turned red and fled the house. She turned yelling "you fat ungrateful cow! See if we ever come to your side again!"
Nadya laughed and shut her door. She was free of that job. Her mom's words rang through her head. "Fat" "cow". Her mother used to pinch her cheeks and arms when she lived at home saying she would never find someone to love such a pig. Nadya never really cared about her body. Suddenly she had an idea. With all this money she could do whatever she wanted. She could buy any clothes she wanted. She could buy a nice house and a nice car. She knew what she was going to do first. She was going to go to her favorite buffet and then to her favorite store and buy herself a knew outfit.
She changed out of her work clothes and slid into a pair of her skinny jeans. They accentuated her love handles and pudgy belly but she never noticed that. She was a little and never really noticed what she looked like. She knew she needed a daddy to take care of her but she thought that would never happen seeing as she was too fat and ugly. She pulled on a t-shirt that was loose but still clung to her body. Truth was she had a beautiful face and her curves where perfect. She had a pear shaped body so most of her weight sat in her but and thighs. But a lot of it went to her breasts and belly too. It was a chubby chasers dream body. She was sexy buy she didn't think so. She didn't really care because she thought she'd never have a partner anyway. Her little kink and chubby body weren't partner material to her. Oh well, she thought to herself. I'll just enjoy myself and my money. She laughed to herself as she walked to the bus stop.
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Chrysophase2003 6 years
Formatting was painful. Didn't bother reading.
QuebecFA 6 years
I love this story! Will there be more chapters? ;-)