Fat kitten

chapter 2; damn

(((Guys I hate these buttons. Chapter 1 got deleted. Katy and her mom are moving in with Ryan and his 20 year old son. Ryan is Katy's mom's new boyfriend and he lives in california. Beatrice is 5'11" and 155lbs. Katy is 4'5" and 123 lbs. So sorry and thank you.)))

We pulled up to the house, no, mansion, around midnight. My mom shot out of the car and into Ryan's waiting arms. I pulled myself out and took in the 3 story mansion. It was imaculate. Suddenly I felt a pair of huge arms around me squashing the life out of me. I squeaked as Ryan hugged. "Kat! So good to finally meet you!" It's Katy. I said to myself. Whatever. "Come inside Beatrice I'll help you with your bags." The inside of the place was beautiful. Warm and cozy even though it was huge. "Kat your room is on the second floor across from Silas'. Third door on your left. Can you find it alright while I take your mother's bags to our room?" I nodded. I was tired. I most definitely did not want to think about them already sleeping in the same bed. I picked up my suitcase and backpack and climbed the stairs.
Walking down the hall I heard beathovens 5th being played in the room across from mine. I stopped for a moment to listen and suddenly the door swung open. Even from across the hall I had to lift my head to see Silas' face. My god. What a god. His dark brown hair hung messily about his shoulders. In a sexy kind of way. This guy was all muscle. And he was shirtless. I didn't even make it to his legs before my eyes snapped back up to his big green orbs as he spoke. "Hello kitten." Oh. My. Fuck. That voice no doubt, deap and smooth, had every girl that heard it soaking their pants. I just stood there. "Take a picture, it lasts longer." He smirked as my face turned dark red. I cleared my throat and looked away. "Sorry." I muttered. " He laughed. Oh be still my heart. "You look tired," he pointed out, "you should sleep. Go to bed kitten." Bossy much. Fuck that's hot. "Goodnight." I whispered.
He shut his door and I went into my room. It wasn't huge but was not at all small. It had a big bed by the window and a wide desk with a chair. Dark wood with matching drawers. The bed was high enough to stash chips. Yay! A big walk in closet and an adjoining bathroom which was also huge. Good. Shower in the morning. Sleep now. I flipped down on the soft bed and instantly fell asleep.
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Secretfantasies 7 years
Spoobutt you're absolutely right. I think I screwed up at the begining of the story. Katy was meant to be a lot shorter so that her weight made her look wider and heavier near the end. I'll do my best to edit and make some changes.
Secretfantasies 7 years
Sorry guys I accedentally deleted chapter 15! It'll be back up soon!
GrowingLoveH... 7 years
This is delicious! Nicely done.
Akwolfgrl13 7 years
I can tell this is going to be amazing!!!!!
Akwolfgrl13 7 years
I can tell this is going to be amazing!!!!!
Wisconfa 7 years
Great writing ! Please continue
Nok 7 years
Great writing and set up, and very cute personality development.