My slave

chapter 1

I am a dom. I have been stalking my prey for a week now. I know I sound like a creep but I'm really a loving guy. I just have my preferences. Lucas is in 3 of my classes at college. He's freshman and I'm a senior. I'm almost done with my course. I'll be certified as a doctor and scientist. I'm somewhat of a guineas seeing as I'm only 30 years old. He's going for art. He's smart but quite submissive and naive. We sit next to each other so I know a little bit about him. His parents where and are never around. He's here on a scholarship on campus but the poor dude has no extra money. He mostly eats with his dorm mate who is happy enough to share with him.
Me? I'm rich. I come from a rich family. I own my own house which is modestly large. I'm also a wicken but I only use my powers when it is necessary. However, Lucas may change that for me. I have started a slight spell to make him more attracted to me. Although I found out he's gay as well so I may not need to. I am 6'3'', buff and tan, with green eyes and brown hair that I keep in a ponytail. It's hard not to fall for my body. I feel that if I invite him over I can start my plan. Tomorrow I think. It's Sunday. And there's no one close enough to him to miss him.
Today however, I'm going to test his submission at a party tonight. Maybe even see if he likes me. I've already texted him and he says he'll go but he won't stay long. parties aren't his thing. Good. He'll be nervous and I can get him good and drunk. I see it's only two hours till then so I go and shower, trimming my beard. I decide to go with some nice jeans and a button up that really shows off my ripped body. I head off to the party at some frat guys house. I got invited by a sorority. they were practically drooling over my boots. I put a spell on them and they left in a daze to go buy shoes or something.
When I got to the house I moved around a few couples making out and saw Lucas standing in a corner, looking scared. He was so cute. But much to thin. Did I mention I'm also a feeder? I wanted to fatten this skinny ass piggy up and make him my sex slave. It would all start with this. A beer. I walked up to him. He saw me and nearly gushed. "oh Sean thank god. I don't know anyone here and there's so much vomit." I chuckled at him as I looked down at his short frame. he was about 5'6'' and had longish blonde hair that fell in his deep blue eyes. he had plump lips and a cute upturned nose. Perfect for a little pig.
"C'mon, lets go outside.'' I said handing him a beer and grabbing one for myself. I led him outside and thought I saw him blush as I led him by the small of his back. He started drinking his beer and I cast a little spell on it making it so he gulped down the rest. He threw it into a can and I handed him mine as well. He gulped it down as well. I managed to grab a few more without him noticing and set them on the table beside him. He didn't even notice he was drinking them one after the other. I watched his tummy push out looking odd but so hot against his small frame.
Soon he started to sway and his speech became slurred as he told me about how dumb his assignments were. I put a spell of truth on his tongue and soon enough after 8 beers he was leaning on me declaring how much he loved my body and my sweet personality. He also began complaining about how hungry he was. I released his tongue from it's spell and took him inside. There was a million pizzas left and I grabbed a few and took him over to a table. he sat down and began eating. I found more beer and he was plastered and filling his small belly. The jeans he was wearing where squeezing into his waist and His tshirt was passing his belly button I let him eat and drink his fill till he passed out in a chair. I picked him up and carried him to my car. Phase one, gain trust and learn secrets and weekness complete. Phase two, dominate and enslave, begin.
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Booklover13 9 months
Loved this story. Too bad is so short.
BootyProotie 2 years
Omg very hot
Secretfantasies 6 years
eventually. writers block lol
Sprsizeme 6 years
Pick me. Any more to this story?