Big brother

chapter 1

Josh stood in the damp grass beside his father. He was still in shock. His mother had passed due to cancer. He only had small memories of her. His parents had split when he was 7. He had a younger sister but he hardly remembered her. She was 3 when their mother left their dad. Now he was 21 and his mom was dead. His dad was upset but Josh knew they'd never really been in love. He looked over to where his sister, lila, stood on the other side of their father. She had fallen victim to her mother's health conscious ways. She was skin and bones and hardly looked like she could stand. Her face was white and she had a stony look on her face. He thought of how much prettier she'd look if she filled out a bit. No Josh. He thought to himself. Last time he thought that about a girl at an important occasion he'd been in the bathroom for the better half of the ceremony. He couldn't think of his sister that way.
After the burial their father took them home. He went straight to his room and told Lila to take the guest room. Josh showed her where it was and she immediately went to sleep. He watched her small chest rise and fall under her blouse. He wondered what his girlfriend/sub Annabelle would think of her. Then suddenly it hit him. Annabelle would never gain weight for him. He loved her body as it was a beautiful curvy hourglass shape. She also said she'd always wanted to feed someone. To dominate someone smaller than her. Josh walked to his room and went to text her. They would both have the sub feedee they wanted without having to look for a different relationship. Lila was perfect. At 4'7" she was shorter than Annabelle by a whole foot and shorter than him by 1'7"! Plus she already didn't eat much meaning her metabolism was sloth like. And if Josh was right she'd take to junk food quicker than his last feedee. She'd left him for the quarterback. But his sister? She couldn't leave. And he knew exactly how to force her to become immobile. Annabelle was ecstatic. It had been two weeks since josh had told her his plan. She said yes right away. Joshes dad was away on a business trip and wouldnt be home for a few days. She'd brought everything they needed. Marijuana, beer, and hers and joshes playroom things; handcuffs, whips, dildos, gags. She'd also bought a pump with a tube and a funnel. The pump would connect to a container and simply pump it into someone's system. She got to the door with her duffel and knocked. The door opened and she looked down to see the cutest sickliest little thing she'd ever seen. Lila was wearing a pair of leggings and a sweater and looked like she'd just woke up. "Hi! My name's Annabelle. Is Josh here?" Lila smiled and nodded. "Josh! Your girl is here." Josh came in and gave Annabelle a kiss. "Hey baby. Did you bring it?" She nodded. "Of course." Handing him the weed she stepped in and dropped her duffel by the couch. Lila eyes the bag. "Join us sis." She looked at Josh and Annabelle and shrugged. "Nothing better to do." She mumbled as she flopped down on her green beanbag. Anna smirked and lit her pipe. Taking a drag she gave it to lila. Lila took one hit and Anna knee it would only take a few more for this lightweight to be gone. Josh took a hit and Lila didn't even notice him skip anna and go straight to her. Anna did the same. About ten minutes later Lila was high out of her mind. She was giggling and saying how pretty Anna was. Josh looked at her and nodded. Round 2.
They handed her a beer and she guzzled it down to satisfy her cotton mouth. A few more and she was cross faded. She flopped on her back and complained. "Joshy I'm hungry." She slurred as she rubbed her flat stomach. Anna was ready. She opened a pizza box and Lila rolled over and sat up as she smelled it. "Omygod Josh I haven't had pissa in forevter. Mom wash shush a bish." She grabbed a slice and shoved it down her throat. Soon half of it was gone and her stomach was rounding. The beer had already pushed it out and the food was causing it to become red and tight. To drunk and high to realize it she kept eating. Not until she felt sharp pains in her abdomen did she stop. She moaned. Annabelle and Josh stared. This was going perfect. This shouldn't take long at all.
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Doggy375 6 years
I can't wait for the next chapter so tht they can turn her into an elephant!
MutualFatso 6 years
a little too much at the end, but very good, would like to how lila got