Doctors orders

chapter 1

Jessica went to the doctor. At 110 pounds at 20 years old she was a vegan her whole life. But when she went to the doctor that all changed. The doctor said that her weight was way too small and that she should get to 140 by the next appointment. The appointment was set to 1 month. The doctor said to transition from vegan to eating meat slowly and to only eat 1 more meal a day. Jessica didn't care and she couldn't wait that long. Jessica was single and had a crush on the doctor. Not wanting to disappoint his doctor she went straight to Mc. Donald's to get to the right weight. After one week she was already at 125 pounds. By the appointment she was a whopping 143 pounds. The doctor said it was good but that much weight was put on in a very short time. The doctor didn't want her to gain more weight. But after Jessica left she couldn't resist McDonald. She went there straight after. After one week she gained 10 pounds! She couldn't stop eating. After she hit 170 pounds she could barely get into her car. At school it was very noticeable and when she sat down in her desk her shirt got untucked hit a little bit of fat spilling on her desk. She went to a bar near her town with 178 pounds of girth. But there after getting alittle drunk she met someone equaly drunk and he said he wanted to make her 200 pounds. Jessica thinking thought that would be pretty nice. The next day John(The Person She Met) went and bought 3 person mcdonalds breakfast. A whopping 11,000 calories. After being stuffed she was waiting for him to get him 5 big macs with 8 frenchfry containers and 9 chicken nuggets boxes. She ate all of it taking her 5 hours! After she was so tired she went right to bed. She took a nice long sleep and woke up. She had a hard time getting out of bed. She stepped on the scale and was amazed 232 pounds of weight. She called he boyfriend and she was super happy. 1 week later their realation ship got very extreme. She and him got up after a nice night of sex and they went to go get more food.
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