For the love of plumpness

Chapter 1 - for the love of plumpness

There is nothing more erotic than two bellies bouncing into each other. Anyone who thinks you need to be thin or super-muscular to have fun in bed is dead-wrong. Plump lovemaking is the most erotic experience you could ever have. So if you've never tried it, you don't know what you're missing.

We made the most luscious love the other night, and it got me to thinking about when we first met 8 years ago. We were skinny then, and we really got into lovemaking, really romped the bed, so to speak. And we loved it. But little did we know how great it would get.

We each weighed about 130-135 pounds then. I'm 5'8" and she's 5'11. In the next few years, she put on quite a bit of weight, and lovemaking just got more and more pleasurable for both of us. She gained up to about 205 by our sixth year. And feeling her wonderfully soft body and being between those creamy thick thighs, well, I couldn't imagine anything any better until . . .

. . . Until I gained a lot of weight myself. Now, I'm 255, and she's 185 (yeah, she lost while I gained). And the feeling of softness and plushness between us as we make love, well, there's nothing like it. We each have big flabby love handles and our potbellies bounce against each other or melt into each other. She really seems to enjoy grabbing my belly or love handles and squeezing them while we make love. She even grabs my little moobs sometimes and pulls me toward her to keep the rhythm going.

I think back to when we were both so skinny, and I realize that it was never this enjoyable. Our bones knocked together, and our hipbones rubbed together, and neither of us had anything soft and fun to grab and hold onto. Also, it seems like I used to have some trouble staying in her then, but now, I guess my weight just keeps me in place. She seems to be much more aroused than she ever was when we were thin little hardbodies. And I know I am.

And the feeling of our bellies bouncing against each other, it's wonderful. Of course, a lot of the times we just leave them all smooched up together and pooled in delicious sweaty adipose. Mmmmm. I've heard it called "bellybanging" when you make love on a full stomach. Well, this is real bellybanging because we always keep our bellies nice and full and plump now. We've filled them with good food and good loving over the years. They make such a wonderful sound as they blop into each other. Other times, our bulging bellies just stay mashed in together in a wonderful feeling of oneness. Mmmm. And we're always reaching to pinch, squeeze or caress that belly flab or those so appropriately-named love handles.

Anyone who thinks it's harder to move when you're bigger doesn't know what they're talking about. It's more fun when you are bigger. And actually a lot easier. The extra weight actually seems to add a lot of "oomph" to lovemaking. I know that the weight of my belly and hips actually swings into her with an awesome force. It makes us both quake in expectation as I swing away.

Just because of momentum, if you've got enough weight in your belly and hips, once you start moving, it's hard to stop.... My hips and belly seem to provide some ballast for my body to move effortlessly toward hers when I'm on top. Sex was never this wonderful when we were skinny. At times, she will, as she says, "ride your big old belly", going wild atop me while grabbing at my flabby gut. Other times, one of us will lie atop the other one, and our soft adipose just pools into one quivering and jiggling chub of love.

A chubby body seems naturally made for hot lovemaking. The phrase "more cushion for the pushin" certainly applies as does the notion of "more to love". You've got those luscious love handles perfectly made and placed for grabbing and holding on. Just the name "love handles" shows that many have found an erotic use for those goodies. Mmmm. And your cute potbelly becomes a natural padding for protection and just a really sweet soft pillow for . . . uhm, well, resting after a fun romp. And having a fat arse just provides more cushioning in the bed and another great place for grabbing some wonderful flab. A plump rump for romping, of course.

We had fun making love when we were skinny, don't get me wrong. Now, though, making love is just so wondrously delicious and awesome... I sometimes think if skinny couples knew what we know, that we'd have to fight them in order to get enough tasty fattening food to stay this big. Well, no matter what your size or desires, I hope you have someone to hold onto right now or in the near future. Have a great day, and enjoy life to the fullest.

(This is an old essay from years ago. I'm a bit embarrassed by this writing now, especially since Annie has been gone for so long. I guess it's a little corny and romantic, but what the heck -- that's me, romantic and corny!)
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Thanks so much Kal-El and Bella Grande! I know this kind of essay is not everybody's thing, but still, I thought some discerning readers like yourselves might appreciate it!