From little acorns....

chapter 1

198lbs. An almost orgasmic rush of pleasure flowed through Lara as she observed the figure staring back at her from the scales. The grin on her face was as big as the proud belly swelling out over her sweatpants. It was a good, round shape which she liked as it gave her the appearance of a female Buddha. She had outgrown her third pair of jeans last night and a celebratory stuffing had followed with -

"Well? What's the damage?" Andrew's voice cut into her thoughts.

With an arched eyebrow she replied "Five pounds gained".

"Damn it!!" Andrew grimaced as he made his way over to Lara, "Let me see, I don't believe you"

As he stood beside her, Lara pursed her lips and replied "I believe that's a tenner you owe me".

Andrew looked up to meet her gaze and they both grinned. His prediction had been for a three pound gain.

Making her way back to the bedroom, Lara rubbed her belly contentedly as Andrew came up behind her and joined in before his hands slid further up and started massaging her breasts. "These guys definitely need some plumping up" he whispered in her ear. "And how do you intend to make that happen?" she grinned. "Oh believe me, with the calorie-laden menu I've got in mind for you today, it won't take long".

Before she knew it, Lara was naked as Andrew eased her down on to their bed. As she lay there, he skilfully kneaded her ample flesh, sending her into rapture. When he started tapping out a rhythm on her belly, making it jiggle uncontrollably while whispering 'piggy' in her ear, Lara knew she wouldn't be able to hold on much longer; she needed him inside of her. Andrew sensed this and began to tease her: delving his fingers into the eagerly awaiting crevice between her thighs and then quickly pulling back with a devilish grin. As her squeals intensified, Andrew finally entered her, turning her squeals into gasps of ecstasy.

As they lay there exhausted but content, Lara began to think back to the beginning of their relationship and how she had grown, in several ways, during their time together. It had been quite the journey to reach this point.....
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Jazzman 8 years
Terrific. Very nice writing. And a great mysterious start.