Glances part one: cami

  By C858

Chapter 1

Cami was getting heavy. Parker’s fingers sank into her soft flesh as he kept a tight grip on her hips. “Harder, Babe,” Cami moaned as he rhythmically thrust into her from behind.

Parker glanced at their reflection in the mirrored closet doors. There was no denying it. Cami was getting fat. The thought gave him an extra surge and his pace quickened. It caused Cami’s chubby flesh to bounce wildly. She whimpered with delight.

Within three swift claps, their bodies crashed into each other with a roar of release. Both collapsing forward onto Cami’s lavender bedspread. Parker could feel the pools of sweat forming on Cami’s back from the little exertion.

Parker brought his arm around her, cupping her doughy midsection. She felt nice. More soft and cuddly than she had six months ago. How did this happen?

“Cami,” Parker sighed into the back of her neck. She hummed quizzically in reply. He hesitated for a moment before continuing. “Don’t take this the wrong way, but have you gained weight.”

Cami exhaled. “I’m just really bloated,” she replied. “This always happens right before my period,” she added for good measure. Parker nodded slowly.

“HUSTLE,” Coach shrieked before blowing her whistle. She’d been on one today. Nationals were approaching fast and her best middle blocker had her head in the clouds. “Cami, see me in my office after practice,” she barked. Something wasn’t right.

“What’s the deal,” she inquired after shutting the door behind them. Cami shifted in her seat nervously. “Its your senior year and you’ve been totally unfocused,” Coach continued.

“Unfocused,” Cami echoed. She had some idea of what the middle-aged woman was getting at but she didn’t want her to point it out. “You’re really off your game. Slower to the net and totally sluggish in games. Your running time is worse than freshman year. And you’ve gained a considerable amount of weight. You’re popping out of those shorts,” Coach said.

Cami’s face flushed bright red. Coach didn’t have to be so blunt. “I hate to do this during your final season, but I think I need to bench you for the next few games. Just until you get back to peak condition,” Coach said. Cami nodded glumly in agreement.

“Can you believe that,” Cami whined as she came down hard on Parker’s lap. He’d moved her tiny volleyball shorts to the side, inserting himself the minute she’d climbed into his jeep after practice. “What a bitch,” Parker growled as he thrust upwards, meeting her doughy hips and she ground down on him again.

Volleyball had been Cami’s life. The season would end soon and then the only workout she’d get would be her fuck sessions with Parker. She was going to get huge. She moaned into him as she ground down harder. Something about that idea made her really hot all of the sudden.

“Honey, that’s your third serving of lasagna,” Bea gasped. “Leave her alone, Bea she just came home from practice,” Robert scolded his wife. Cami’s parents had a contentious relationship at best. Her mother was always finding a way to needle Cami.

Which is why it wasn’t surprising when she retorted to her husband, “Well I’m just worried about her health. Cami is starting to carry a little extra weight.” Cami put her fork down with a clatter. “Shut up, mom. It’s none of your business,” she replied before standing up and taking her plate into her room to finish eating dinner.

Should I continue? Two more options coming soon in Parts Two and Three.
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NipNip 1 month
Definitely would like to see more chapters
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I can’t wait to see parts 2 and 3 but I really want to see how Camis story plays out lol