His dream girl

chapter 1

Jeff had always thought his wife Brittney was the most beautiful woman ever but he never thought she would become his complete definition of his "Dream girl" in every way. He had always been into weight gain on women and especially on his past girlfriends and he definitely dreamed of his future wife being heavy and beautiful. While he was dating Brittney he could tell she had the ability to gain a bunch of weight on her sexy figure even though she happened to be only curvy and slightly thicker in a few problem areas as she described them. She was shorter around 5' 3" with an hour glass figure with the prettiest sun kissed skin tone with light brown Hair and brown eyes and the most Beautiful face....she looked like a model but with some extra curves. Early on during the time they were dating Jeff mentioned to Brittney that she should relax a bit with going to the gym so much and it would be fine if she put on a few pounds. She was slightly taken back and mentioned that she already needed to lose 10-15 pounds because she thought she was Fat. That was when he told her that he liked heavier girls and that he didn't have a problem if she gained weight in fact no matter how much she gained she would never be to Fat in his eyes.

She began to relax a bit from her rigorous gym workouts that clearly helped her maintain her curvy, slightly thicker figure rather than putting on a lot of weight. Her five days per week workouts were reduced down to three days a week and her time was spent instead with Jeff cuddled up on the couch after they both got home from work. They would watch programs on television accompanied by a bag of crisps or a package of cookies that Brittney mostly scarfed down followed by some great talks really getting to know each other on a deeper level. Brittney then began to skip an extra workout or two each week and surprise Jeff by being at his place when he got home from work most of the time baking and cooking some wonderful meals. So her workouts became almost extinct after just a month into there big talk. They became inseparable spending all of their time together when they were not working. Jeff had one of those moments where all of a sudden he became madly in Love with everything about Brittney. Not only did he think she was smart and quick witted, he loved how relaxed and less stressed she had become without trying to rush to see him after her intense workouts as before. Jeff also noticed the beautiful effects her relaxed lifestyle had on her figure. Brittney's Breasts which were always quite plump for her size were now massively overflowing out of her bras which seemed to be several sizes to small now, her once thick thighs were now much bigger and heavier and her butt became big, soft and round. She developed such a cute big lower belly roll that squeezed and pressed aggressively against her stretch pants making them look skin tight, her upper arm's plumped up like puffy pillows and she even had a slight hint of the mildest double chin on her Beautiful heart shaped face. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her gorgeous gaining figure not to mention his hands. He would
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