How it began

chapter 1

Lucy woke up on the sofa, entwined with Harry. She groaned and reached for her phone. 6:45 am. She put her phone down and began looking around. It was a sight for sore eyes, all around them on the floor were empty wrappers, empty cans of beer and empty Chinese containers. “How much did we drink last night? And how much did we eat!?” She thought. She then looked down at her belly, and breathed a sigh of relief. Her belly was still flat and toned. As the relief began to fade her stomach grumbled angrily, and the thought of McDonald’s breakfast teased her relentlessly. “Thank god for my metabolism!” She thought.

The next day Lucy woke up to Harry bringing her breakfast in bed. He had put in so much effort giving her the full works, bacon, egg, sausages, hash browns, fried bread, pancakes with Nutella and a chocoLate milkshake. She suddenly felt starving, everything looked and smelled so good. The fat on the bacon was crispy and greasy, exactly the way she liked it, her stomach grumbles again as she picked up her knife and fork and began eating her breakfast banquet. She ate the savoury fry up style food first, as she stuffed her mouth with bacon, sausage and egg and felt herself moan slightly as the flavours danced on her tongue. Before she knew it she had cleared the entire plate and moved on to the pancakes. The pile was high and she was dying to try one. She managed to eat five pancakes with Nutella before she couldn’t eat anymore. While she was scoffing down all of her food, she forgot Harry was there watching her. When she came to her senses, when all the food was gone she felt a redness creep up onto her cheeks. She looked down embarrassed only to see her usually toned stomach protrude the tiniest bit, but enough to make her notice. Her jeans were cutting in from all the stuffing so she giggled and undone her buttons. Letting her bloated belly be free.
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Mj3200 2 years
Great story. Is it autobiographical?
Fatchance 4 years
good start!