How to deal with your problems

chapter 1

I was sitting in my desk when she entered the room. Black stiletos, short black skirt and a nice
white blousse. Her perfectly curled hair and radiant smile. Perfect fair skin and her amazing toned body. She was the perfect business woman you see on the street and think of how perfect her life must be. She had the perfect physic and the perfect job, and of course, the perfect family. She was around 36 years old, had a 16 years old son and the perfect husband, Michel. He was a writer for the magazine "men's fitness" and an sport amateur. I actually remember one day he came into the office to bring her some paperwork she had forgotten at home. All the ladies in the room turned to look at him. Wearing a dark suit, 6 foot 4 and perfect body.
By what I am telling you you must think that she was a really lucky person, and I am not gonna lie, I wish I could have had her life at this time, what not what was about to happen next.
As I was telling you, we were sitting in the office when she entered looking like a victoria's secret model, having everybody in the room staring at her, either because we wanted to be her, or the guys wanting to have her.
She got into her office and sat. The door was made of glass, and from my table I could see her sitting on her desk. The day went pretty much as always until I started to see her walking around the room and making calls, she was not talking loud enough for me to hear her, but she looked upset.
After about 30 minutes, she opened the door quick and left the office almost running. We had no idea what had happened to her, but we could tell that something was off.
The following day she entered the office just as always, with a beautiful black dress and of course, high heels. She looked amazing, but just not ad great as always. She looked tired, like if she had not gotten much sleep.
She said hi as she walked pass me and entered in her office.
I have to mention that in the 4 years I had been forking for this company, I had never seen her eat anything that was not a salad o sushi. We all knew that those light meals were what caused her to be skinny and looked as good as she used to.
This day she didn't eat any of this things. As usual we always have doughnuts and some sweets in the office since DUNKIN Donuts gives them to us for free every morning. In all this time, she had never eaten one, or at least, I have never seen her. It was almost 12 in the morning when I saw her stand up form her desk, She got of her room and when to the coffee area across the room. I saw her took a plate and grab 3 doughnuts. We all were looking at her, and as soon as she grabbed the plate, we all looked at each other with confusion. She then turned and went back to her cabinet. I had the privilage to see what she was doing inside her office anytime because my desk was right in front of her glass door.
She sat on her desk and I saw her eating one after and other the 3 doughnuts, with no hesitation. I was shocked, and curious at the same time, I wanted to know what had changed her so much in order to eat that. Was she off the diet for once?
This became short of a routine for her, or at least for the first week after that day. She would get 3 or 4 doughnuts, and then go to her office and eat them quick. I also noticed that she sometimes turned to the window and talked on the phone and I really have to tell that even though I could not see her face, the way her upper body looked seemed like if she was crying.
As I was saying, that first week was shocking, she ate and ate doughnuts and I took count of them... about 20 doughnuts in a week. That was a lot of someone who used to eat only salad, and even though it was only a week later, we could all see how her body didnt look as toned as always. She looked a little softer, not something anybody else would notice.
On the second week, thing got even better, she started going for an other plate, instead of eating 3-4 doughnuts at 12, she was getting them at 9 in the morning and then going for a second plate at 1. We could not stop talking about her and how much her eating habits had changed in less than a month. "She must be depressed" " I heard her husband was cheating on her" "She is going to get fat and Oh men I am going to enjoy that"
hER HUSBAND HAD CHEATED ON HER?? That day an other coworker told me that she had heard about Michel cheating on Maria with an athlete he had met while interviewing the american track and field team. So we guessed that this must had upset her and that eating was her way of confronting the reality.
Some weeks went by and her doughnut diet was going fuller than ever, about 8 doughnut everyday, we were wondering how her body used to salad and sushi was able to handle such amount of sugar and fat. I gotta say that her physic was starting to show the struggle. Her skirts looked tight and now I could admire a little soft belly pushing her clothes as she sat. Also her arms were not as toned as they used to be and now showed some softness.
She still rocked her business clothes and high heels like no one else in the building but her body was less of a Victoria's secret model now and more getting into a McDonald's worked body. She didn't seem to care or notice, we all looked at her rounder butt pushing agains her pants and how she moved around with her little muffin top showing. For me it was like a fantasy, every time I heard her door opened and looked up I enjoyed seen her walk across the room and get more food. I started to feel like this was not something that was going to stop soon, and that this new habits she was building were going to settle and keep growing just like her body.
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Jazzman 5 years
Tired and overused themes.You have the ability to avoid these.What if she had confided in the elevator about her eating and gaining? Looking for a shoulder to cry on.Its still a great story no matter what direction you take.
Jazzman 5 years
Love the story.But the "skirt shrunk" is so cliche' .How would an educated woman who has suddenly been eating 5 times her former amount be unaware of her weight gain? You have a gift with words and imagery.I would love to see you proceed without these tir