I cannot stop myself or you

Chapter 1 - can't stop myself

NOTE: Inspired by someone sweet and sensuous. In more ways than one, when I talk to her, I can't stop myself. This writing pretty well came out quickly and spontaneously. Sometimes, the writer is in control, and sometimes he is just a conduit for some other force at play. And she is that force (You know who you are, sexy Muse of mine). This will eventually be part of a longer story, but for now, I can't stop myself from posting it.
"Oh my," I moan as I want to climb onto the table with you, but knowing how heavy you've made me, I am afraid it would break. I bend over and start kissing and nibbling and licking you, my belly bouncing as I am gyrating with a vibrant arousal. I kiss the cream from your tits, licking them and nibbling on them gently with my lips and sometimes even with my teeth. I kiss your neck, licking it, my face getting all messy with chocolate now, but I don't care. I am as if hypnotized by your beauty and your seduction.

I want so badly to dip my face into your pussy, but I restrain myself knowing that I have to obey you. Instead, I pull you toward me, and I stick my face into your cleavage, my tongue deep into that space, licking the chocolate out of your cleavage and my lips kissing up under your tits, trying to take in every little fattening bite, trying to kiss every single beautiful sexy part of you.

I forget how heavy I am in the heat of the moment, and I climb on top of the table, and I hear the legs creaking and the table itself groaning with my weight plus yours upon it. But I don't care. I want you. So what if it breaks! I need to kiss and fondle and lick every single square centimeter of your sexy body. "Mmm," I moan with passion in my voice.

I push you back against the tabletop until you are now fully on your back. I push my weight on top of you, again hearing the table legs creaking as if they are about to break. I start kissing you passionately on the mouth, our tongues swirling into each other like Dervish dancers in a crazed frenzy.

You taste the chocolate and cream on my tongue as you feel my belly pushing you down, my love handles flopping down almost at your sides. I feel the heat rising from your body, and now, my hand is between your thighs, pinching gently at the insides of them, tickling them a bit, making you smile, your smiling lips pursing about my tongue. Your thighs seem so much softer than I expected them to be. What is happening to you? I wonder if you haven't fallen for your own feeder tendencies while obviously plumping me up. Perhaps the temptations have been too great.

And speaking of temptations, I feel between your legs now, even though you forbid me to do so; you are so so wet, your soft curly hairs there are matted with slickened moisture. I must taste that -- until-now -- forbidden drink. You moan into my mouth, and I feel the vibration and the heat of it all, taste the chocolate and the cream still on your tongue. Oh, you must be delicious all over! Inside and out!

I move my mouth from your lips and start kissing your neck, licking the remaining chocolate from it, kissing a bit rough at first, then gentle, then rough again. I nibble your neck lightly with my lips, then bite it a bit more aggressively with my teeth. Not enough to really hurt you, just enough to make you vibrate with arousal. I move my lips to your breasts now, licking between them, enjoying the sweaty salty taste in your cleavage as my tongue dips between your two perfect orbs of pleasure.

Oh, what beautiful breasts! So firm, so perfect! My lips encircle your right breast, as my right hand, pulling slick juicy moisture from within you, moves from between your thighs and starts playing with your left nipple, so moist, like my lips, it must feel to you as if I have two hungry mouths and both are sucking upon your beautiful erect nipples. You moan again.

My hand continues to play with your nipple, tweaking it between thumb and forefinger, the moisture making this all the more pleasurable. You feel my belly pushing against your pussy now and your upper thighs. It's so soft, so flabby and warm.

But my mouth is headed south. I take one of the eclairs and squeeze the cream into your mouth, then another I squeeze the cream into your pussy. "Mmmm, Big Boy is hungry," I whisper into your cleavage. I have a goal, and now, you shudder because you realize where i am heading -- for the very center of your pleasure, that beautiful love grotto between your legs, now filled with my next fattening snack. I chew the emptied eclair sensuously, smearing it against your tits and licking them clean. I feel your sensuous curvy body vibrating in anticipation.

But not so fast. I want to tease you into a frenzy. My sticky chocolatey mouth kisses your rib bones, so prominent beneath your breasts, and my tongue drifts into your belly button. God, you taste so wonderful all over.
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