I could not recognize her!

chapter 1

I used to go to a really small high school back in the day when I was still 15. It was really close to my house, that was the main reason I decided to go there, there were not more than 70 people in each grade and we had been going together since primary school so that meant we all new each other. I was always just a normal kid, I never had anything that people really noticed about me, I mean, I was not the nerdy kind of kid, but neither one of the populars. I did have a nice group of friends I love to hang out with that I still stay in touch with now a days. There was this girl I used to get a long quite nicely in my class who was just the opposite of me. She was definitaly part of the cool kids, and there was no doubt why. She was not gorgeous but she was really attractive, she also had a really nice body for our age, she had developed quite early and her boobs were bigger than most of the girls. She used to do gymnastics, and her body was thin, lean and athletic. I have this image in my head of that time we went on an excursion to the beach. I was really ashamed to show my body in a bikini in front of pretty much everybody I knew. When we got to the shore and most people started to get undress, I just sat on the sand and looked at the water from my towel. She left her things on the sand and started taking her shirt off, most guys turned around to look at her. Her stomach was flat and her boobs firm. She then took of her shorts, her ass was firm and tight. I wanted so badly to be her....
Time went by, we grew older, we both finished high school and went to different colleges, I saw her once when I was in my second year of college, I had gone back to my home town for my mom's bday and she was also in town helping her brother move into his new house when I ran into her. She came really happily to say hi to me, she even hugged me. I remember thinking that she looked really different, but of course I could still tell it was her. She talked to me about how she dropped gymnastics because of a knee injurie and how she was really stressed out with college. She talked to me about her having anxiety and how she had gained some weight because of that. She did look bigger, not a lot bigger but maybe 30 pounds or so, enough to make her whole tiny and athletic frame change into something more soft and fluffy. She had grown a little belly, not too big, but her tight old jeans made it more obvious that she had put in some weight. Her hips also were wider as well as her ass. We didn't talk for too long since I was running a bit late. I thought about her a couple times after that day, about her gain, her figure... I wanted to see her again. I wanted to know if she was gaining more due to her anxiety, or if she was back to her lean figure... A couple years went by and I had forgotten about her. In those years I had realized just how much I loved seeing women gain weight, I had a fetish on women eating and growing, so I would just check women's bodies out for pleasure. One day, just a couple months ago, I was on the bus when I realized a pretty big woman walking on the street. I could not see her face, but I did check her body out. Everyday I take the same bus, so for the next two weeks I kept seeing her. I really liked her figure. She was about 330 pound woman, with her weight well distributed, her ass was wide and soft and so her belly. Her belly hanged a little over her clothes and her tights rubbed as she walked. It was just an other fat girl yeah, but the way she dressed made it more of a fantasy for me. Most fat women tend to wear wide clothes that cover their rolls, trying to hide their fat. This girl doesn't go by that rule, she wears normal clothes, and by that I mean, that the first time I laid my eyes on her, she was wearing low waisted jeans and a white tight shirt. I remember how her belly and love handles created a big muffin top that hanged over the waist line of her jeans. Her shirt was a little just too small, showing a little of the bottom belly. It was just wonderful to see her. After a couple weeks of enjoying my way on the bus just because for a minute I could see her, one day I didnt. I didnt see her walking on the same street she always does. The bus stopped and the doors opened, I thought about getting of the bus and walking for a bit, maybe I ran into her, but I didn't. I decided to stay on the bus. I looked at my phone and then up. I could not believe my eyes. She was getting on the bus, I was shocked just looked at her. As she walked towards the end of the bus where I was sitting, I could enjoy seeing her belly move up and down. She looked flawless to me. I then looked at her face, believe it or not, It was the first time I had looked at her face. She looked at me and opened her eyes more and she smiled. Her face looked familiar, but I could not tell what for. She then came to me and sat right next as she hugged me. Yeah, she hugged me. I was still in shock. She said my name as she said "It's been so long...Almost 2 years..." Then I remembered... It was her. I could not believe my eyes. I could not recognize her. She had gained at least 150 pounds from the last time I had seen her. Her belly had ballooned up, her waist had expanded like crazy, her thighs had more than tripled their sized... But her face... oh her face, she looked so different... her face was now really round, it had lost the attractiveness she used to have. Her eyes looked smaller since her face looked just bigger. She had a double chin that really changed the structure of the face.
We talked and talked on our way in the bus, I tried not to say anything about her body or look at her belly, but she did. She grabbed her belly from the bottom that was resting on her thighs and said "and all this... I ate my anxiety off". I looked at it. It looked soft and big as she grabbed it. " I could not let myself fail in college, so to deal with the anxiety, I ate. Some people dance, some run, some drink, some smoke... I eat. And that okay.... you know? I eat a lot, I am not going to be like those girls who say that day are on diets all the time and are still fat... I don't, I don't diet, I eat what I want, when I want and as much as I want."
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