I want out

chapter 1

Just a quick short I wanted to share, I'll return to my longer stories soon. Enjoy x

“Hun”, she started as she gazed at herself in the mirror, “I was thinking that maybe I should start working out again? Ya know, start working on losing some of this weight?” She jiggled her belly as if to add emphasis to her words.
I looked up from the laptop I had perched in my lap, “you’re kidding right?”
“No, I’m not kidding. This was all fun while it lasted but I’ve put on 50lbs now and I’m worried about getting really fat.”
I closed the laptop so that I could give her my full attention as she continued.
“I mean, it’s served its purpose right? We started this whole thing when I lost my job as a way to pay bills and now that I have my new job we don’t need to do this anymore.”

I got up off the bed and joined her over by the mirror, as we both stared into her reflection she stated her case.
“It’s just that I’m kinda over being the wet dream of all these creeps on the internet, you know what I mean?”
I turned and paced away for a few steps before returning to the mirror.
“Don’t you think that’s a little selfish?” I asked her.
“Well I...”
“You act like this is some major hardship to you, taking a few pictures, filming a few clips...”
“Well it’s more than just that, there’s all the food I have to eat”
“The food you don’t have to pay for?! That must be such a chore!” I spat.
“It’s not just that!” she protested “I have my figure to worry about! Sure I was a little chubby when this started but now I’m downright fat!”
I couldn’t help but laugh “You’re not fat, not yet at least anyway.”

“I’m serious! I don’t want to end up a massive porker like some of the women on that site” she scoffed.
“You’re serious?! Yeah so am I. You act like you’re the only one that’s had to sacrifice anything for all of this.” I slapped her ass for punctuation. “Don’t forget that I had to go to part time hours once you got so popular.”
“Oh please, so you don’t have to drive people around at all hours of the day as much anymore, like that’s a sacrifice!”
“You’re right, it’s not much of a sacrifice but going back to doing that would be. Nowadays I have it much easier and I’d quite like it to stay that way.”
“Well you’re out of luck pal” she tried to walk away before I grabbed her arm.
“I think not” I retorted “I’ve not spent all this time talking to these idiots on your behalf, filmed and edited all of your content just for you to decide that you’ve had enough!”
“I’m sorry but I just don’t want to continue doing this, you’ll be okay going back to driving and I have my new admin job.”
“Nope, that’s not how it’s going to go down. This...” I said as I grabbed at her now rather sizeable belly “... Is a goldmine and we're not even close to being done with digging it.”
I grabbed a doughnut from her earlier filming and forcibly pushed it into her mouth as I made her look at herself in the mirror.
“No, we're nowhere near being done. You’re going to continue gaining weight, you’re going to get fat and then you’re going to get fatter, you’re going to make those porkers as you put it look like stick figures by the time we're through. You’re going to use that new sedentary job of yours to grow our assets and we're not going to stop growing you until the money stops coming in and when that happens we'll think of something else.”
She looked into my eyes and knew that I wasn’t joking.
“Now fix your makeup and get back in here, we just got a new custom request and you look hungry fatty.”
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