Inside the admirer

Chapter 1 - the new girlfriend

“So, what do you think of Anna?” Bill asked with a smirk on his face, staring back at his twenty-two year old, fit and insanely attractive girlfriend.

Andy shook his head in mock disbelief. “I don’t know how you do it man,” he laughed. “Ever since you got fat you’ve somehow managed to land these super-hot girls!”

Bill grinned proudly, rubbing his massive gut. “I told you man, these fat admirer girls go mad for it!” He turned back to Andy and lowered his voice. “I ate a load of take-out last night. I pretended like it was nothing” he chuckled, shrugging his shoulders and grinning. “Kinky Anna over there couldn’t keep her hands off me; rubbing my huge gut… Catering to my every need…”

“Yeah, yeah, I get the picture!” Andy scowled, pretending to cover his ears in repulsion. “You lucky bastard! Why can’t I get girls like that?”

Bill chuckled and turned to order the drinks, knowing that Andy was looking back jealously at the hot girl he was with. Then he turned, to admire his new girlfriend himself as the bartender set to work.

Anna had hit it off with all of Bill’s crowd and was even getting up to follow Kelly onto the dance floor.

Bill heard Andy sigh with admiration at the sight Anna. “You’re not going to mess with this one though, are you?” he asked, suddenly sounding a little worried.

Bill had been waiting for this question and he paused dramatically, grinning wickedly. “Of course I am,” he replied. “It has to be done!”

“Oh, no! Come on man!” Andy protested. “Look at her! She’s gorgeous! Why do you want to spoil that?”

Nothing could wipe Bill’s smirk from his face. “Because I do,” he shot back deviously. “Fuck! I’m getting a semi just standing here thinking about it if I’m honest! I can’t wait to get started on her,” he continued, turning his body back to face the bar, where his crotch would be hidden.

“Why do you always have to make them fat?” Andy grumbled. “Every time!”

“I just love it,” Bill grinned. “The transformation, the way their clothes get so tight, the expanding breasts, the big asses; their all-over softening bodies!”

“Does Anna know?” Andy asked, looking seriously at Bill.

Bill shrugged disinterestedly. “I did tell her that every girl I’ve been out with has ended up putting on a few; more than a few! I don’t think she believed me. But I did tell her. If she wants to ignore that, it's not my fault!”

“Oh, come on. You can’t make her fat,” Andy argued. “The girl’s a work of art!”

“Sorry buddy,” Bill chuckled. “Enjoy that tight little ass of hers while you still can. She’s going to be staying at my place throughout the entire holiday period. Inside every fat-admirer, there’s a fatty just waiting to be set free – even if they don’t even realise it yet!”

Taking the drinks, the two men headed back to the table. It was getting busy and by the time Anna made it back from the dance floor, there were no seats left around their little table. Bill spread his legs wide, tapped his knee and rocked his head back to invite his new girlfriend to sit down on his massive thigh instead.

Anna’s face was a picture of delight as she parked her slender rear down on her huge, tall and surprisingly muscular 400lb boyfriend. Bill couldn’t help rubbing Anna’s sexy butt and up her back, giving the girl a look that told her he couldn’t wait to get her back to his place later.

“Want to get out of here soon?” Bill whispered, pushing his gut out a little so that it appeared even larger for the doting feeder-girl. “Although, you know I’m going to need to stop for some take-out on the way home,” he explained seductively placing Anna’s hand on his shelf of belly and smirking at the sight of the sexy girl’s arousal.
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That's it. Chapter 14 marks the end of this story. Thanks so much for all of your supportive comments and likes.

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I wouldn't be surprised if anna ends up bigger then bill
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Thank you to everyone who has been following this one. Looking at the material that I have left, I'm predicting another two (possibly three) chapters for this story.
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