It's been so long

chapter 1

Oh my god! You will not believe who I saw at the market this weekend!


Okay, let me tell you!

So, I was minding my own business, just having a leisurely, Sunday morning stroll, checking out people's wares. I got to the car boot section that I don't normally go into but I thought "what the heck" and carried on my walk.

Anyway, I'm looking around, not too interested in all the old china figurines and glassware, old VHS tapes and vinyl records, not touching anything of course, eww, I so don't do second hand as you know.

So I get to the clothing section and oh my god! There she was! I had to do a double take but it was her for sure! We made eye contact and she quickly turned away embarrassed but there was no way I was going to let this go!

I made sure to get her attention again before giving her some disingenuous spiel.

"Oh my god!" I squealed as she looked on nervously

"Oh, hi" she managed to get out with a sheepish smile

"How long has it been?!"

"Erm, a couple of years I think"

It had been more than that, I hadn't seen her in a good three years at least and my god had she changed.

"What happened to you?" I asked, the question obviously flustered her and I saw the colour rise in her cheeks.

"You look so... colourful" It was true, gone were those poker straight, raven black tresses that reached down to her pert ass. In their place she sported a shoulder length style that was a mixture of greens and blues. Obviously a home dye job, a far cry from her salon perfected style of the past.

"Oh, thanks"

"Let me get a hug" I said as I rounded her table, this was my chance to really get a feel for the biggest change in her.

She was soooo soft!

As I hugged her I could feel her flesh yield beneath my toned arms. She couldn't see it but I couldn't keep the smile from my face. She had always been such a stuck-up cow and here she was looking like a baby cow!

"We must catch up" I said as I took a seat next to her behind her stall, "so what have you been up to? Where did you disappear to?"

She spent the next half an hour telling me her story, a breakup from her boyfriend, he was sooo hot if you remember, wonder what he's doing now? A redundancy was next up, followed by a bout of depression, god you couldn't make it up, could you?!

Now here she was, trying to sell some old clothes, trying to make ends meet.

It was clear she had given up on ever fitting in to them again, probably a good idea as while she spoke I stole glances at her pudgy figure, how her belly oozed over the waistband of the cheap jeans she was wearing. Her arms looked uncomfortably squeezed into the sleeves of her t-shirt and her prominent double chin wobbled as she told her story.

I had a little look through her rail and saw quite a few items I used to be jealous of back in the day, I'd have no problem fitting into them of course. I toyed with buying a couple of pairs of shoes from her but they were so four years ago, I just couldn't bring myself to do so.

I did feel kinda sorry for her though so offered to buy her lunch. That bought a smile to her face because of course it did. Fucking porker!

I went to the food truck and got a couple of coffees and a bacon roll for her, I thought that was fitting considering what a pig she had made of herself in the last few years. I had to admit though, that bacon smelled pretty amazing so I decided to get one for myself too.

So I went back to her stall and I just had to brag about my life as she munched away on her bacon roll - yes, I was still with the same great guy, I had an even better job than back in the day and of course I was still in contact with all the old gang. I could tell how jealous she was as I started on my bacon roll.

Not long after she finished her lunch she asked if I'd watch her stall while she went to the bathroom, I didn't really want to stay around after I'd had my fill of gloating but begrudgingly said I would.

She had a couple of people browse her rail while she was gone and I even managed to sell one of her dresses, no doubt she'd be overjoyed to get a fiver!

She was taking her sweet time at the bathroom and I finished my coffee and bacon roll while she was gone. I was hungrier than I thought and my belly was still rumbling after, then again, it takes quite a bit for me to feel full these days.

I had a couple of more browsers but no-one bought anything unfortunately. But one sale was enough to get me another bacon roll and coffee. I swear I saw that bitch from back in the day though! You know, that stuck up cow with the long black hair?

Yeah I'm sure it was her, glaring at me through the crowd with that smug look she always used to have, you know the one. I just turned away and pretended to be talking to someone, I didn't need her judging me for how much weight I've put on since our clubbing days.

Do you like my hair? Blue and green go so well together don't you think? I did it myself, I'm getting quite good at doing things on a budget.

So how have you been? It's been so long!
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