chapter 1 -- high school graduation

Jane was a bitch. She always looked down on the other girls at her high school. She was hot and she knew it. Long blonde hair, nice perky butt, B boobs, and size 1 jeans. She used to walk around school like she owned the place. But now, she was final graduating.
She sat there at her graduation thinking how happy she is that she will never have to see the rest of these low lives again.
Her friends in high school were all of the other hot cheerleaders and male athletes. She would miss them but she was sure she would still see them almost every day. She waved to them sitting over at the other side of the graduation ceremony, all of them waiting to walk up on stage and get their diplomas.
There was one other person Jane was excited to see there also: Brad. Brad was not graduating but a few years older (23, has a job, graduated from college) and had just started dating Jane. She felt so lucky to have an older and more mature boyfriend now, especial that she was graduating and needed a place to live away from home. Brad had asked if she wanted to move in with her and she happily accepted despite objections by her parents. Jane didn't really know a lot about brad or know any of his past girl friends, but Brad was very good looking so she assumed they were all hot cheerleaders or athletes like herself.
If Jane had, she might had known that all of Brad's ex's started hot and thin like her, but were now very overweight. Brad however, was very careful to keep the information about his ex's very secrete.
Jane didn't care though, a naive little 18 year old, what could really go wrong?
Brad even helped her get a job! He knew the owner of a small burger, fries, and shakes joint close to where they lived. Jane was thinking of all of this as she walked on stage, her name was read, and she received her diploma. Life was going to be great! She may even try out for the local community college cheer team where she would be taking a few credits next fall! She was thinking how great that would be and looking forward to a fantastic summer showing off her body in her new bikinis to Brad. She knew he would love her sexy body. And Brad would come to love it, but only Jane has plumped up "just a little bit".
-- Note: The story will contain lots of grammar and spelling errors please ignore them when you find them. Enjoy :)
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Jazzman 7 years
Good plot. Could you explain the last sentence? Maybe correct it so it makes sense.