chapter 1


Jamie was beautiful. Standing 5'6 and weighing 140 Jamie had beautiful curves. She had long legs, a toned sexy ass, perky tits, and toned abs. She looked like a fitness model. Despite her looks, she'd never really had to work very hard to keep her figure. At 22, she just kind of assumed it was how she was. After all, she hadn't gained the freshman 15 or put on weight like any of her friends did in college.

Like most girls her age, Jamie had just graduated with he bachelor degree. Despite good grades, she hadn't been able to get any fast track professional positions, but she had a job. That was more than a lot of her friends could say.

Jamie landed a job as an office manager working for a small emergency care office in her hometown. Basically it was her job to ensure that the place ran smoothly and order supplies before they ran out. The better she did her job, the less she dealt with anyone else in the office. It was boring, but helped her pay off her student loans.

On weekends, Jamie would occasionally go out with friends. Most of her good friends had moved away though. She felt like she didn't have that much to do socially. Instead, usually she would get take out, curl up on the couch and just watch tv.

The routine she'd fallen into was a lot different than college. She did less walking with no classes to go to and she was less social. As a result, she started to eat out of boredom. At work when she was bored she would often grab a bag of chips to munch on while addictively devoured the internet's endless supply of click-bate. At home she would snack on ice cream or whatever other goodies she had around.

After a few months, this life style started to take its toll on her body. She was still a perfect 10 by traditional standards, but she'd lost the tone on her abs and her arms were starting to show the first signs of softening. Not that she noticed. Her esteem was actually at an all time high. She'd just started to date a doctor named Henry from work. He'd started right around the time she had and was fresh out of his residency and starting to make real money. Jamie couldn't believe what a catch she'd landed. Not only was he a doctor, he was tall, handsome, and a fitness nut. Between his work and is fitness obsession, they didn't see to much of each other, but she already new she was in love.

Since Henry was so busy, dating didn't really do much to fill Jamie's schedule. Although, his fitness enthusiasm did rub off just a little. Henry never pushed her to exercise, but his dedication guilted her into going to the gym a few times a month. She hated it but it seemed to be just enough to keep her munching habit from adding much weight to her nearly perfect body.

In June, after about a year of dating, Henry popped the question. Even thought things had been going great, Jamie was shocked. It had never crossed her mind that she'd be engaged at 23 years old. Of course she said yes though, after all, he was her perfect man. They set a date to get married the following July

Jamie's weight had crept up to 150 since starting her job, but she actually got serious about exercise to get ready for the wedding. On her wedding day she looked stunning. Her brides looked like your typical selection of small town 20 year olds. Their bodies were un-toned but they were mostly good looking ladies. Henry's grooms men we a similarly unimpressive crown. In contrast Henry and Jamie looked like movie stars. Henry as always looked perfectly fit and wore a well-tailored tux. Jamie looked stunning. She had a form fitting wedding dress that showed of her year of hard work. Her legs, arms and abs we toned, and her ass looked perfect in her dress. She'd lost 15 lbs. over the coarse of the year and was looking forward to seeing how great she looked in the wedding photos. She was also looking forward to not obsessing over her weight. Working down to 135 had been a lot of hard work.

After the wedding Jamie stopped going to the gym. She still had her membership, but she wasn't even feeling guilted to go by Henry's hard work. After all, she'd just put in a full year of hard work. Still though, some of her dieting eating habits stuck with her and she was staying slim.

Henry and Jamie went on a delayed honeymoon in December. By the end the honeymoon, Jamie was back at her athletic and curvy looking college weight of 140. She didn't know exactly what she weighed, but she new she looked the same as when she was 22 and thought that was pretty damn good. After all, most of her friends were getting chubby. It seems like small town life will do that to a girl.

The following Christmas Jamie got pregnant. Jamie got intense food cravings during her pregnancy usually for things like chips, soda and ice cream. All the types of she used to eat. At first she resisted, but eventually unhealthy food worked it's way back into her life. After having her daughter, Jamie was up to 155. Her ass was starting to grow and her perfect legs were thickening just a bit. She'd also lost all tone on her abs and started to develop some bigger breasts. Jamie didn't want to know what the damage was so she never stepped on a scale. She could see she'd put on a little weight and decided to start eating healthy again and try shedding some weight. She wasn't too worried. After she was knew she was 26 and damn curvy, not plump like most of her friends were.

Henry never bugged Jamie about her eating habits or exercise and despite her resolution to start eating well again it was the holiday season. Henry and Jamie had friends-giving, Christmas parties, and family parties all lined up. At the event like that, Henry loved to socialize but rarely ate the goodies. Jamie on the other hand could never turn down a holiday treat or a good Christmas cocktail.

On New Years Eve Jamie decided to weigh herself. She was nervous could see the holidays had done some damage. Her boobs were starting to look kind of big and her thighs were starting to look kind of thick. She'd even had to get new pants that she could fit her developing booty into. Looking in the mirror Jamie thought she didn't look chubby. Jamie thought she looked curvy af. But she new she was putting on weight and she was worried about what Henry thought. After all, he was 6'2 with a perfect six pack and was a doctor. She new for sure he still loved the sex, after all, they had a lot of it. But Jamie was worried if she kept growing he'd eventually want someone fitter.

She finally stepped on the scale. It calculated and then blinked 165 back at her.

Not too bad for a new mom at the end of the holidays thought Jamie. Then she made a New Year resolution to lose weight.

By April Jamie was back down to 150. She never went to the gym. It wasn't really work stopping her, but she didn't have time for the gym with the baby. She wasn't eating better food either. She was just eating less without all the holiday parties. Over all, Jamie felt like her efforts were paying off. At nearly 27 and surrounded by friends who were starting to push the upper limits of plump, Jamie felt like a perfect 10 despite not having made it back to her college weight yet. After April Jamie stopped weighing herself and stopped restricting her eating. She seemed to maintain 150 pretty easily.

On December 1, the doctor told Jamie she weighed 155 lbs. The first few weeks of the holidays had added 5 lbs. already. The doctor also told her she was pregnant.

Similar to her first pregnancy, Jamie got serious food cravings for bad foods. Unlike her first pregnancy, she hadn't been eating health food leading up to it, so she found she succumbed to her cravings almost immediately. She didn't really think to much of her eating though. Not because she wasn't worried about it at all, but between work and her daughter, Jamie just didn't have too much time to worry about how she ate.

After having her second daughter in August, Jamie could see that 9 months of cravings had done some damage. Her ass was looking pretty big and her thighs were looking pretty thick. She had switched back to her larger pants but could barely get them over her ass. Jamie was pretty sure this was the most she'd ever weighed but didn't want to know the number. Jamie thought she should try to lose weight but just wasn't that motivated. After all, she thought she looked kind of thick and really curvy, not just kind of fat like most of her friends looked these days. The only thing that really bugged her was how softer her arms and stomach looked. Still, Jamie decided that after the holidays shed lose the weight. After all, that worked last time. In the mean time, she bought some bigger pants.

She didn't know it, but Jamie weighed 180 lbs. then.
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