Chapter 1 - ch1

I guess to understand why it's surprising I wound up the way I am now, you have to know how things started. Back when I graduate from high school, I was at my peak. I had the same tan olive skin, dark hair, high cheekbones, and bright blue eyes I've got today, but I was fresh off the volleyball team and in great shape back then. At 5'5 124, I had toned arms, legs, a defined jawline, and abs, perky tits, and just a hint of an ass. Then, I shipped off to school in Athens GA.

In school I did a lot of partying and very little studying. As a sophomore, I quit volleyball. Practices we're in the morning and that did not fit my party schedule. Without volleyball to keep fit, I began to put on weight. By the time I dropped out at the end of my junior year, my ass developed into a bit of a booty. I didn't mind that, it seemed to get me even more looks from the guys, but I didn't like that I losing my tone. Anyway, back in 2007 I was slightly curvy 145 with no real prospects.

At first when I got home I put on even more weight. I was unmotivated, and supported by my parents. I just sat around at home eating their leftovers and watching tv. After 3 months I'd put on another 20 lbs. My thighs and ass we're becoming thick, my abs and arms had lost their tone completely, and my jawline was beginning to soften, all hints of my former athleticism were disappearing. That was when I panicked. I realized I needed to make serious changes and get my life together or I would be a whale living in my parents house. So, I reenrolled in school, this time for business. I was missing the fall semester, so while I waited for the spring semester to start, I hit the gym. By the time I went back to school in January I'd shed 35 lbs and nearly achieved my high school level of fitness, with an ass just a shade larger. I felt like a 10 again. I actually got a part time job as a model in Atlanta that I held for the 2 years it took me to finish the rest of the credits I needed to graduate.

In 2010, after school, I moved to Wilmington where I'd landed a job as a pharmaceutical sales rep. This job was terrible for my figure. I constantly had to go on long boring drives and I would always snack on the way. After a month I noticed my clothes starting to grow a bit snug but I couldn't do anything about it. I was still working out, I was just eating too much and I couldn't stop because the drives we're so boring. I'd managed to eat my way back up to 165. My thick ass and thighs were back, and if I didn't make a change, I was just going to get bigger. I'd worked so hard to stay slim, there was no way I was going to let myself get fat for a job. So I quit and started a job in the billing department of the Orthopedic Hospital.

With a new job, a lot of time at the gym, and two month of starving myself, I worked my way down to a slightly curvy 135 and I had aspirations of getting back to 125. That was when I caught Mike's eye. Then a month later, we started dating.

Dating Mike was a whirlwind of dinners with friends, banquets for fundraisers, amazing home cooked meals, and dates at the nicest restaurants. Between Mike, work and sleep, every waking hour was packed. I literally could not get to the gym. After a few months, my pants began to pinch. I told Mike one morning about how I'd used to be heavier and I was worried if I didn't get back to the gym soon I'd start to get fat. Mike just laughed and said he loved a bit of ass. That made me feel better. I thought it was odd given the conversation we just had, but I didn't even complain a few minutes later when I saw that he'd packed me a huge lunch. I still ate the whole thing later that day while thinking to myself that this was it, there was no way I was going to be a fatty.

3 Months later, I was losing my battle to stay trim. I felt like I had no control. I was up to 185, the most I'd ever weighed! My ass had thickened to uncharted territory, my thighs constantly rubbed together, my hips had grown chunky, and my boobs had grown larger. I'd even begun to develop a bit of a belly. I was getting desperate, so I told Mike he was making me fat. I told him all we ever did was go eat, he never left me with enough time for the gym, and he over-packed my lunches and that he was making me FAT! And he told me he WAS! My jaw dropped. He thought I was beautiful, and that the fatter I got the more beautiful I looked. He moved in and grabbed my thick ass and pressed into me so I could feel how hard he was. I lost control and we had wild sex right there in the kitchen. Still, I was determined not to let him turn me into a fatty. Now that I was onto him, I thought I could stop it.

Four months later, in the middle of August, I waddled out of our bedroom to the smell of pancakes. Mike, fresh and fit from his post workout shower, smirked at my 220 lb ass bouncing out to breakfast and asked "another cheat day then?" I told him he was a smart ass, but sat down to the mountain of buttery pancakes anyway. I wanted to lose weight, but the pancakes were so good! So, instead of exercising self-control, I ate till I was fit to burst, then mike and I had amazing sex. I knew he was fucking with my head. He always kept me well fed and always fucked me after I'd stuffed myself. I wanted to be trim and beautiful like Mike, but he had other plans for me.

Not surprisingly, Mike took full advantage of the holidays. First, he kept giant jar of Halloween candy filled up on my desk. Then, as Thanksgiving rolled around, he made sure I was stuffed better than the turkey. And of course with Christmas he kept cookies and other goodies around the house and work at all times. I could feel the pounds piling on and my clothes were getting incredibly tight; so, when Christmas morning finally rolled around I was relieved to see he'd bought me a whole new wardrobe, but I was horrified to see he'd gotten me a scale. Mike told me he wanted to know how much his fat assed girl weighed these days. After a lot of coaxing, he finally got me on the scale. I was horrified again to when I saw the number 250 flash back at me. Mike grinned though and led me to the bedroom where he'd laid out an elf hat and filled a serving bowl with Christmas m&ms. For the next half hour he fucked me from behind while I wore the hat and ate the m&ms out of the bowl. I caught a glimse of myself in the mirror I wondered how I'd let this happen. Mike looked like Hercules, and I looked like an overfed pig in an elf hat greedily eating from a trough.

6 months later I panicked again. I always had aspirations of staying trim, but for the past few months I'd almost totally succumbed to Mike's over-feedings. Eating was a hobby of mine now. If Mike put the food there for me, I ate it. I'd even get turned on by feeling stuffed. My ass was huge, my thighs were thick with fat, and my tits had grown large and heavy. But what bothered me was that there was no denying I was a fat girl. In addition to by fat thighs, giagantic ass and big tits, I had thick gut, I'd developed a double chin, and I knew I must be closing in on 300 lbs. When I finally got the courage up to get back on the scale, I realized I needed Mike to come read it for me. After he saw the number, he made my guess with a huge smirk on his face. I'd crossed the 300 line. I was up to 330. That freaked the shit out of me I told mike I was dieting, and going to the gym. And to my surprise, he agreed to help. He even bought me a treadmill and cooked health meals. I think this was a mind game too though. After trying to jog on the treadmill once, I realized that I was so out of shape I couldn't exercise. It felt like torture. And after a few days of eating the light healthy food Mike made I was starving. I literally sucked his cock while I begged him to stuff me full of pancakes again. Grinning, he relented. The diet was over.

Today, I'm a 440 lb whale. My arms are thicker than my thighs used to be, my face has grown fat, and my thick gut supports my heavy fat tits. My ass is enormously fat sticks out behind like two giant beach balls of fat supported by my tree trunk thighs. I'm not sure how fat I'll get, that's up to Mike. All pretense of wanting to lose weight is gone. Mike's turned me into a fatty for good.
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