Caught off guard

Chapter 1 - brought down

(Not my normal MO with this story, but I've been thinking about this concept for a bit. Might even right a second chapter although I'm not sure it's needed)

The world's become a tricky place for a young woman to navigate. Single men are always on the lookout for a partner; someone classically hot and smart who they can show off and will help them raise bright young kids. The single guys aren't the tricky ones though. It's the couples you've got to look out for. When people realized fattened women have the smartest and healthiest kids, but are totally unfit to raise the children, couples started fattening single women up and using them to have kids. Couples are always after the sexiest smartest, most genetically attractive women. They try to trick them into growing heavy and fat to have healthy children for the family to raise. Naturally, no single ladies would chose to be fattened up and grow huge, but foods been made really addictive for women. Single guys use foods addictive properties to get us to sleep, but they usually don't want to take it too far. Couples try to get us fat and addicted. Once a lady starts to get fat it's hard to stop. The heavier a lady gets, the more the fog of addiction sets in and eventually she becomes a slave to food with no hope of return.

Being a 24 year old 5'4, blonde with toned legs, tight abs, a nice little ass and an impressive rack I was obviously popular with the guys. On top of my looks though, I had a law degree from Duke. I knew I was a hell of a catch for any single guy or or prowling couple. I wasn't just going to settle just to avoid danger though. I was going to find the perfect guy. Then we'd track down some smart sexy college graduate and coax her into gaining a bit of weight, then once the addiction set in we'd stuff her like a pig until she was ready to have our kids. Naturally, with this goal in mind, I started dating around. I dated professional athletes, investment bankers, and other lawyers. The cream of the crop. All this dating actually lead to my first brush with weight gain. I was dating so much all the meals started to catch up with me. My weight climbed from 115 to 120. Nothing crazy, but I could feel myself starting to crave food a bit. I'd be at work just waiting for my next hit. I got it under control though and leveled off. My abs we're a bit less toned, but no one was really the wiser.

The next year, I start dating Craig, A year younger than me, he was already a rising star at the bank. I thought we'd be perfect together. Plus, he took me on incredible dates. He'd tease me getting me just enough food that I was gaining just a little weight, but not doing any real damage. I knew that was part of every single guys game. Get a girl to eat as much as possible without totally losing it and she'd go nuts for you. Anyway, his game was working and I'd only gained another 5 lbs. Then I had to leave town for a trial in Bentonville.

On the road, hooked up with Rick. Rick was another lawyer at my firm, but we'd really not run into each other much until now. Our 3rd night in Bentonville, we grabbed dinner together. Without Craig around to help control things, I ate a bit too much and was caught off guard. I was feeling super horney after all that food, and Rick looked like a god damn model. So I fucked him. The sex was so good. After that we went out to dinner a lot during the trial. He'd coax me into I overeating, and then we'd go back and have mind-blowing sex. I was in a different world. Wrapped around Ricks finger.

I put on 15 lbs in 2 months down in Bentonville. At 140, I'd lost all the tone in my abs and started to develop a softness to my arms and stomach and my thighs were growing thicker. My ass was juicy and my boobs we're bigger though. I knew I still looked hot. Craig seemed to agree. He couldn't keep his hands off me when I got home. He called it right away though. He told me someone was fattening me up. I said he was paranoid.

I didn't see much of Rick over the next few months. Craig and I were still going steady. He didn't tease me with food anymore though. I wanted him to, but he was worried I might spiral. Instead we would just have light healthy meals and chat. It was boring and I'd gotten a taste for eating. I started sneaking meals. The food was so good and Craig was being so boring I NEEDED to. I gained 15 more lbs because of it though. My boobs we're DDs, and my ass and thighs were growing thicker and I'd started to show just the hint of a gut. In bed it never seemed to bug Craig, but I could tell he thought I was losing it. I knew I wasn't the classic ideal partner anymore, I was showing signs of addiction, but I was still within the realm of partner material. Then I got sent back to Bentonville with Rick.

When Rick saw I was showing signs of addiction, he went in for the kill. He took me to dinner the first night and got me a big meal. Then he took me back to the hotel room where he had me eating M&Ms out of a huge serving bowl while he fucked me from behind. It was a mindblowing experience, but this was when I realized how dangerous he was. I knew he HAD to have a partner. Guys didn't do stuff like that unless they wanted you to lose control, unfortunately for me, I did. Rick and I literally did the same thing every night for the rest of the trial. A part of me wanted to stop things, but I was gaining weight fast and the addiction was starting to make my mind foggy so I just went along. It felt soo good.

By the time I got back to Craig I was 185 lbs. I'd put on 30 lbs in 2 months. I had a fat ass and my thick thighs rubbed together when I walked. My boobs had grown even fatter and my arms we're soft, but I still didn't have much of a gut. I was thick as fuck, but I still looked sexy. Craig seemed to agree with my assessment. When I got home he gave me one look, took me out for a big meal and fucked me silly when we got back. Then he made me a proposal. He told me I wasn't partner material anymore, but if I wanted, I could stick around with him. He'd take good care of me, feed and fuck me until he had a partner who he could raise kids with. Then I could have their kids. I said I'd think about it. I never did though.

The next day I went out to dinner with Rick. And I gave him an ultimatum. I told him I knew he had a partner, and he had to leave her if he wanted to stay with me. He said "okay, he'd leave her." Then he took me to a hotel where he fed me all night. Stupidly, I believed him. Of course, that wasn't all my fault. The fog of the addiction was making it harder and harder to reason things out. After that though, I thought we we're good. Rick got me a little apartment since I couldn't stay with Craig anymore, and he kept it loaded with treats. It was so cute and the food was so good, I just stopped going to work. Instead I just stayed home and happily munched away and every so often Rick came by and fucked me silly. I blew passed 200 lbs doing this. After 6 months Rick weighed me. I was around 260. At 5'4, I had the most overstuffed hourglass figure anyone's ever seen. My fat ass shot out like a shelf behind me and my thighs were thicker than my waste had been. My gut was growing heavy, but my fat tits were still even bigger. I'd clearly lost the fight. I was fat and getting fatter. There was no chance I'd ever get back in shape, but I wasn't ready yet. Not for kids at least.

After my weigh in, Rick moved me to his house. His wife was obviously there, but I'd forgotten why she mattered or why I shouldn't eat everything I saw.
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Jack-Elray 4 years
You are the most constantly good weight gain writer I’ve found. Just quality across the board and this is a wonderful and original idea.
Tsap 6 years
Your thinking about this concept for a bit didn't go ... waste! First truly fresh idea I have seen for months, perhaps years, and you made it work splendidly too. Congrats and thanks.
Rickeb 6 years
Your best yet. Please continue and see how many times she gets pregnant and how fat she can get.
Chrysophase2003 6 years
I do hope she ends up too big to roll out of the delivery bed eventually.
Akwolfgrl13 6 years
Super awesome
QuebecFA 6 years
I really love the story so far! I eagerly await the next chapter! :-)