Personal assistant

chapter 1

As a freshman in college at WVU I was 5'3 115 with bleach-blond hair, nice legs, tight abs, a cute little ass, perky little boobs and I liked to party. Lucky for me, I had great exercise habits and thought dining hall food was gross so I didn't eat much. So, I got away with partying all night without seeing any effect on my body freshman and sophomore year. Needless to say, I was a hit with the guys. I loved the attention and pretty much did anything/anyone for it. It was fun, but I can't say the lifestyle was good for my grades though.

Junior year, I moved off campus with some friends. Off campus meant off meal plan for me. Instead we ate out in Morgantown. Since the food was better and my parents were always down to give me money, I ate more and the partying started to catch up with me a little. I started to put on a bit of weight, but I still exercised. Really it just made me curvier. By the end of the year I was up to 130. I had an ass guys drooled over and my boobs had grown to be full C cups. I was sexy as fuck, but my grades were terrible so I got kicked out of school.

After getting kicked out of school and I moved in with my parents in Glenview Ky. That year I did exactly... nothing. Well, that's not totally true I guess, I made myself quite a reputation around town that year. I'd go down to my dads steel plant and flirt with the factory guys here and there. I liked the attention. I wasn't just teasing though. I let them fuck me if they weren't too afraid of my dad. Then, I'd go out to the bars at night and do the same thing. Word spread pretty quick, and I was just as popular around Glenview as I was at WVU. After a year though, my parents made me get a job.

My dad got me a job working as a personal assistant/nany for Dr. Craig. Craig was a friend of a friend my dads and a hell of a silver fox. He was about 50 but still looked strong in a wiry way. His wife, second wife actually, Amber was a different story. She was about 35 and looked like a former blond bombshell of a trophy wife who'd gotten fat, real fat. She must've weighed at least 280 lbs. What a shame too, I could tell from their old pictures together that she used to look kind of like me. I didn't see her often though. She was usually traveling for work and occasionally out with Craig. But when she was home, she was planted with her fat ass on the couch, huge tits and gut resting on her fat thighs munching while on something that was making her even fatter. I thought she was gross. As soon as I met Amber I decided I was going to steel Craig from her.

The job was a breeze. Craig and his wife were too busy working to take care of their kids, house and jobs. All I had to do was drop off and pick up dry cleaning, get their daughters to school and soccer practice, and make sure dinner was ready Craig and the kids when Amber was out of town. Honestly, the job was boring. Since I was always running after the kids, I didn't have time to exercise anymore. Instead I started to develop a habit of snacking when I was bored. It was too easy since Craig always seemed to keep a pantry full of Ambers favorite snacks. I was pretty much becoming an honorary soccer mom. I did enjoy the games I played with Craig though. When Amber wasn't around and even sometimes when she was, I'd flirt with him over dinner. When Amber was away he'd respond by making sure I'd had plenty to eat and insisting I share dessert with the kids. When she was around, he'd focus his attention on his wife making sure her needs were met. The whole time he was a perfect gentleman. It drove me crazy.

With my new infatuation with Craig, I'd left the bar scene for his domestic one and I barely noticed the toll it was taking on my body. With no exercise, more snacking and Craig's encouragement at dinner, I put on 20 lbs in 3 months. I finally realized it when none of my jeans fit anymore. My ass and thighs we're thickening and my boobs we're Ds. Honestly, I thought I looked sexier in every way except for my softer abs and arms.

Over the next few months I tried to get my eating under control. I couldn't though. I wasn't going to not eat when the kids wanted McDonalds plus it was the Holidays. I honestly just kept putting on weight. I noticed he was starting to get a bit handsy as I got thicker though. He would touch the small of my back when I walked with him sending shivers down my spine, or putting his hand on my thickening thigh when we'd watch a movie with the kids and make me want to jump him on the spot. I finally got my chance on New Years Eve.

Amber, looking fatter than ever, left early to set up for a conference in Atlanta that started the 2nd. That left me and Craig to watch the kids on New Year. Both of the kids passed out early. Instead being a responsible adult, I got pretty drunk while Craig and I watched New Year festivities on TV. As soon as Craig touched my thigh, I spun around straddling him thick thighs and pressing my double Ds against him and I started making out with him. He might have pulled away but I'd pinned him under all 190 lbs of me. There was nowhere for him to go, and after a few seconds I could tell he liked it. I sucked his cock that night and stayed over. The next morning he fucked me from behind before sneaking me out the back. I'd done it. I'd finally gotten the attention of my silver fox.

After the New Year, I moved into their house. I was always on call, so it just made more sense. Plus, it made our sex life more convenient. I was worried I was getting fat too fast to keep Craig's attention though. As soon as I moved in, 200 came and went pretty quick. By March I'd put on 40 lbs more but Craig was bending me over grabbing my fat ass and fucking me even harder. It seemed like the only thing that could distract him was Ambers fat ass. Was she 375 now? Maybe fatter. Ambers gut and boobs we huge, but her ass was enormous, and her thighs we like tree trunks that shook while she waddled around. But every time she'd come home I'd here her screaming while he fucked her fat brains out. Didn't he care that I could hear? That was when I figured it out though. Amber hadn't gotten fat, she'd been fattened up by Craig and he was probably fattening me up too.
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FTMfatty 4 months
More please! This is a great start
SomeGiraffez 6 years
Are you from WV? I'm from Charleston and a ton of my friends go to WVU!
QuebecFA 6 years
I really love the story so far! Will she and Amber be having some fun of their own too? ;-)